Friday Fives – school rules and dumb dancing edition

1. What’s the dumbest rule your school or work place has ever enforced?

Square dancing.  When I was in elementary school (very early 80’s, Phx, AZ) part of PE was square dancing.  It drove us all nuts, because we knew these were not life skills.  It wasn’t even much exercise!  It’s more watching other people exercise.  I can fully appreciate needing to learn fundamental dance steps – and I DO – but learning square dancing has yet to pay off.

2. What’s your favorite way of saying goodbye to people?

goodbye, people

3. What is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of your job/career?

I love my job.  The ugly?  Well, I work in customer service for a big ass company.  This company has been good to me, but the customers can be brutal.  No one calls their ______ (insert utility here) to say “man, that electricity sure was great this month!  Or “hey, cable company… that bill this month was spot on”.   No.  People only reach out when something goes wrong.   It’s human nature, and the way I beha as well.

4. What do dogs think humans do all day when we leave?

oh my god!  this is bad.  This is really really bad.  We had done this time.  He is leaving and will likely never come back.  Odds are we won’t ever eat again, either.  To save our energy, we should nap on it

5. You have just opened a bar. What is the name, and what is the signature drink?

The signature drink is a drink that you invented and I named.  It’s called the ‘Roger Bottoms’.  It’s a glass of Guinness with a few ounces of port wine at the top.  Sounds strange, I know.  It’s absolutely delicious.  Here is something kinda interesting – I have a strange loyalty to drinks.  Meaning, I will ONLY drink this concoction with Majikwah.  Same thing with Kahlua and milk.  Forgot the clever name for that, but I only drink it with Regan and Trav.

Oh… and the name of the bar?  Roger Bottoms, of course!  btw, there is a real Roger Bottoms, and he isn’t an Englishman, either.  He sold my house years ago, and has no idea of this nonsense.  In fact, I have never met the man.


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