This missing airplane

* this was crafted 2 days ago, BEFORE they announced it was a suspected hijacking.


So, I am following this missing airplane.  There are a bunch of strange and concerning things I want to point out.  I don’t know anything about aviation.  This is just my understanding as John Q Correct.

the transponders were turned off.  There was two of them.  They are not something you can turn off accidentally.  Its not like someone bumped it with his knee.

The plane changed course after turning off the transponders.  It changed course dramatically, for as long as two hours.

It changed course only one minute before it was about to be handed off to the next air traffic control jurisdiction.  I don’t think that is random, and it tells me whoever orchestrated the turn knew this.  It’s as if they were hiding.

We know that at least two people boarded the plane with fake passports.  Very possibly this is not a big deal.  However, I do have to point out one of the guys was Iranian… and we aren’t exactly besties with Iran.

Something of concern, the black box only pings for 30 days.  We are a couple weeks in.

In closing, what do I think happened?  Well, I think it will be found crashed in the ocean.   But, the whole thing is very suspect, and I am willing to bet we will not get the full story.  I think it was a hijacking, and an inside job.  Why inside?  They knew to turn off the transponders, both of them.  If the hijacker knew nothing, he would point a gun at the pilot and say “turn off the transponders” and the pilot would say “Ok” and then flip a switch that turns on the fart fan in back and say “ok, it’s done”.  Also, remember, the plane turned only seconds before they would have been in Asian air space, where everything would have been tracked.  They turned in a manner that kept the plane off terrestrial radar.

So – if it was hijacked… why did it go down in the ocean according to your master theory?

Well, because 9/11 ruined everything for hijackers.  That is a great sentence, and more thoughtful than you realize.  9/11 ruined hijacking.  How?

It used to be when you got hijacked you just sat there and shut up.  You won’t get killed.  In fact, quite the opposite.  You are worth cash.  So, let the crazy guy go to Cuba or whatever.  Just stay down and stay quiet.  Don’t make trouble.  That is why no one made trouble on the first 2 hijacked planes from 9/11.  But, they all got killed.  Now, the people on the third plane (that went down in a field in Pennsylvania, which they think was heading for the capitol) – those people knew about the first two planes.  So, they knew it was a suicide run.  So, they knew they had nothing to lose.

*** I liked the premise of this last paragraph so much that I later decided it needed it’s own piece.  Here it is.

That, I think, it why the plane went down in the ocean.  The passengers figured ‘fuck it, we are going to die one way or the other, so let’s fuck these guys up”.


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