Friday Fives – snack edition

1. Do you snack?

Jesus, this is a little shallow, don’t you think?  I know we aren’t gunning for a pulitzer here, but is next week going to be rating kittens from cutest to snugliest?  This is a TERRIBLE friday fives, and I will make it up to you with better content soon.  maybe even today.

2. Do you prefer sweet or salty snacks?

sweet, duh.  Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you.  Chips are nice, so are cheetos*.  However; anyone who tells you they prefer those over a cookie are lying.  Or dumb.  Either way is not a crime.  However; either way you need to get away from that person quick!

3. What one snack can you not resist?

Chips ahoy with the M&Ms in it.  They are kinda tough to find, because they don’t have the market share the regular (blue bag) chocolate chips do.  However, they are amazing.  I think they are called ‘Rainbow Chips Ahoy’ because if they said M&M they would get their faces sued off by M&M Mars co.  However, they (the M&M people) should be flattered.

Also, they just changed the packaging again, which drives me nuts.

4. What one snack do you refuse to try?

cornnuts.  it’s because of the smell.  I have a major aversion to that smell.  I would literally rather smell your farts than corn nuts

5. Do you tend to snack more by yourself or when you are with friends?

I can snack anytime and anywhere.  Generally speaking, the urges hit at night.  So, I am home with wifey.

* I am talking about the small twisty mangled looking crunchy ones.  Not that stupid puffy shit!  Let’s be very clear about this.  Good cheetos.   Bad cheetos.


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