Friday Fives – swimming edition

Friends Swimming Underwater in Backyard Pool

Do you like to swim?

Oh yes, and I very much miss it. Very much. I grew up in the water, literally. I learned to swim as soon as I could walk. You had to do this in Arizona, where everyone has a swimming pool. Also, now swimming pools here have gates and safety requirements. When I was growing up there, there were no requirements. Kids died every day by wandering away from the mother’s eyes and falling into a swimming pool. It can literally happen in under a minute.

Do you prefer salt or fresh water to swim in?

Fresh water, here is why. Fresh water, to me, means swimming pool. Yay, warm. Salt water is always the ocean, which is ALWAYS cold

Have you ever snorkeled or scuba dived?

Both! In fact, this time next week *** I will be snorkeling in Puetra Vallarta

What is your favorite beach food?

A cocktail loaded with rum

What does your favorite beach towel look like?

 Don’t really have a default towel, as I never get to go swimming anymore. See, I grew up in Phx, AZ. We literally lived in each other’s pools when we weren’t in school. It is how you cope with 120 summers.

Here in Colorado, it is too cold for swimming pools. No one has one. 😦

*** redacted by editor for security reasons.  Impressed with how I did that?  I bet you are dying to know what it says behind those strike-throughs


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