my unbucket list


I want to first point out I didn’t come up with this bit.  I must of heard it on morning radio recently.  However, that version of the story is dubious on every level.  First off, I am not up in the morning, ever, unless something has gone horribly wrong.  For example, It is now 3:30 am.  To you, it may Thursday morning.  You are dumb.  It is Wednesday night.  The difference?  I still get to go to bed.

The art part of that little explanation which is questionable?  Listening to radio.  I stopped listening to all radio about ten years ago.  it was whenever Clear Channel took over every station in America and only played Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews and Blues Travelers for years.  only those bands, no matter what station you picked.  SUCKS.  I used to love those bands, of course I have seen those bands.  Can’t stand them anymore.  Everything they do sounds like a cut from Zepp 4 to me… just overcooked and done.

This revolution came quite handily around the invention of the ipod.  that was then i realized I could listen to whatever I wanted… easily.   that revolutionized everything for me.  Now, of course, all of that is on my phone.  Here is how little I listen to radio.  About 3 years ago, I busted the radio antenna off my truck.  The radio doesn’t even work, and I have left it that was as a sort of pride.  that is me stickin’ it to whitey!

Anyhow, it was clever idea and got me thinking.  So, here goes:

Visit Kansas

  1. Listen to that band you keep telling me about
  2. Drink another bottom shelf margarita
  3. Wake up to an alarm clock for any reason
  4. Use the Mt Elbert lot at DIA
  5. Own a sedan instead of a truck
  6. See Kiss and Def Lepperd together (touring this summer
  7. Watch the third matrix movie
  8. Wake up early and appreciate the dawn
  9. see Blues Traveler live again
  10. Finish this list

* if I get some time in the next couple of days, I will gladly update on each as to why  chose it


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