Friday Fives – trophies and trivia edition


1. What is your favorite “fun fact” ?

you are exactly as wide as you are tall.  If you stretch your arms out and your fingertips to make you as wide as possible… and then you measure that distance, it will be exactly how tall you are.   Cool, huh?

2. What is your favorite “not so fun fact” ?

I have far too many from Bush presidency about how he absolutely sold America down the river to big business.  It seemed to have gone beyond big business, and it just seemed malicious.  It is extraordinary the damage he did every day to this country.  I don’t know that he is a bad man.  I saw him on Leno late last year and he seemed like a good guy.  However, he was a horrible, horrible, horrible president.

3. What is your favorite conspiracy that has proven to be true?

Billy Mays was on cocaine.  I LOVE Billy Mays, and I miss him.  He got no love when he passed away because it happened the day before Michael Jackson died.  To me, he was a real and interesting and awesome person.  Just before he passed, he was in a reality documentary about and the British guy.  It was cool to see his passion about his work.  Plus, I just love Oxy Clean.  I use it on everything.  If I had a kid, it would be named Oxyclean

4. They come up to and take away the trophy from you. What was the trophy in?

ironically, it was integrity award.

5. Conversely, what should you be awarded a trophy for?

integrity.  I just had one, and then they came up and took it away.

* can I tell you something?  This, above, isn’t great.  You deserve better.  Not much better… but better.  Listen, I am tired as hell.  Had a great and crazy busy week.  It’s 8:30 pm and I am going to bed after this episode of ‘Orange is the new Black’.  I am percolating a good piece, though.  Will have it up in a day or two.


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