Friday Fives – Vacation style


Vacation – right… or privilege?

both, but leaning more towards earned than given.  I am thinking of Kramer here on Seinfeld explaining to Jerry he was going on vacation.

Do you travel? Or, is your vacation sufficient by virtue of not being at work?

actually, the best vacations are going NOWHERE.  I love to travel and have adventures.  One thing about traveling, though… it’s not relaxing.  Traveling is awesome and rewarding and fun, but it isn’t even a tiny bit relaxing.   I like to sometimes just to nothing but watch movies.  That is almost always best done at home.

Is there anything you try to do, or not do, on vacation?

when traveling, I like to get local.  Go chat with the people, and eat their weird food.  Don’t bother with museums… you won’t learn about the real culture.  The best way to learn about a people or a society is to go into their homes at night while they sleep and take their stuff.  Then, you see the people as they really live. They respect you for it, too.  If you ever get caught, and it’s kinda inevitable… explain calmly and loudly that you are American, and everything is ok.

Define what vacation means to you

I think at its heart, vacation means not having to be anywhere at any time.  Same with waking up times.  On vaca, I am pretty militant about waking up whenever the hell i want.  That may be at 6 am, or noon.  Breakfast for dinner and heroin for lunch… anytime.  Also, a late afternoon nap is often nice.  However, where we travel is almost always tropical… so 3 or 4 in the afternoon is the hottest and muggiest time.  The wifey and I are thrifty travelers, too.  So, we are rarely in a hotel room that might be air conditioned.  More often we are in a palapa.   I read this over and think I should clarify.  Traveling on vacation doesn’t mean doing nothing.  It means doing things on your own schedule.  It is still doing tons of stuff… just not at a prescribed time or schedule.

How do you reckon they may differ when you are older?

I don’t know.   That is either a dumb question, or I have lost interest in our conversation.  Possible both.  Sorry, I know these aren’t great or thoughtful answers.  But, i am literally on vacation right now with my fam.  So, I am going to stop talking to you, so I can talk to them.




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