Friday Fives – books and trucks and phones and you



1. What was the last book that took your breath away?

Lamb: the gospel according to biff. Seriously, one of the best and most important books I have ever read.  I had a bit of a religious experience while listening to it, and that is not meant to be punny or dismissive.  In fact, let’s just talk about my experience reading that book.

I am very nonreligious.  I imagine myself as a Buddhist, and recovering Catholic.  So, I didn’t want to read religious dogma.  This book is not that at all.  It is a re-telling of the life of Christ as imagined by his best buddy.  So, I had the book on tape for my drive to Phoenix over the holidays.  I found myself driving from Phx to Show Low (about four hours) by myself on Christmas day… heading up to join the family.  For some reading, I hadn’t been sleeping at all.  Not a wink over four days.  This triggers a mild psychosis.  So, imagine this.  I am driving alone through the high desert on Christmas day nearly delirious from lack of sleep and I had the pleasure of this amazing book.  It’s better than the bible.  It tells you what the life of Christ was actually probably like, and through life experience you see why he is famous for certain things.

If those pinheads
2. How many hours do you spend in a car during an average week?

when I was working, it was about 20 hours a week between errands and commuting.  I made the best of my time, though. I  listened to podcasts and books on tape.  Currently, I am not working, though.  I am very much looking for work, if you know something, or someone.

I love to drive, though, very much.  I should say, though, my drive isn’t like yours.  I live out in the country, down a dirt road with no street lights or any of that.  So, my drive is super tranquil.  The only traffic jams are turkey and deer crossing.  So, each drive in and home is like meditation.  Winter, though, is absolute hell.

3. What is your favorite mind game to improve your memory?

I have a bunch of neural training games on my cell phone.  Mensa training games, mostly.  It’s like take the SAT for fun while you are sitting on the shitter.  I am FAR from Mensa capabilities or smarts, but I really like their tools.  When I get bored of that, I play rock trivia.  I am exceedingly good at this.  Per Quiz Up, I am top all time in Colorado, and near the top in the nation.  It’s a super fun came, come find me and play.  They have all kinds of trivia, simpsons, world cup, math… whatever.  My screen name is ‘Baron von Lono‘.

4. How often do you talk to friends on the phone?

pretty much never.  I keep in touch with my friends, but not by telephone.  I am not comfortable talking on the phone.  not sure why, but I just don’t care of it.  texting and email will be fine, thank you.  Of course in person is great, too.  Basically, everything is better than a phone call.

5. If you could have minions (like the yellow guy in my icon), would you?

Shit yeah!  What kind of dumb ass question is that?  Who wouldn’t want minions?


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