Friday Fives – olive you

What is the ultimate college apartment food?

Mac and cheese. Not just because it’s cheap, and anyone can cook it… though these are great attributes. It’s because you can go a lot of ways with it. You can eat it just as the box suggests for a $1 meal…. Or throw in some chicken, hamburger, or sausage. Plus, we have all since discovered proper grown up mac and cheese… in a casserole dish from scratch with good cheeses and macaroni and a dope ass crispy topping.

So, it is a single dish you can go a lot of different ways with.  If you thought I was going to say ramen, you are boring and predictable.

What is something you have a very strong opinion of that no one else seems to give a damn about

HA! How about everything. How about this one: headlight usage. It is a pet peeve of mine when people drive through violent snowstorms with no lights on. ESPECIALLY when it is a white sedan. I feel the same way about rain. In fact, if your wipers are on for any reason… so should your lights be. I am not totally alone in this. The automakers agree. Notice how all cars now have Daytime Running Lights? This is because you are too dumb to turn your own headlights on.

Problem is, it has worsened the problem. Now, people don’t bother using ANY headlights at any time. They figure the DLR’s are sufficient. I do not. People who do not use headlights or turn signals aggressively and properly need to be jailed. Then, take their license away. Then, back I jail. Then, a public shaming and a possibility of parole.

What great thing doesn’t exist anymore?

A good gyro sammich. Apparently, I am VERY particular about a gyro. The two places I liked all closed. Every other place (I have tried about 12) all suck.

Why didn’t you sleep last night?

Because one of my goddamn dogs pissed the bed. So, I had no sheets. Just laying on a mattress with a scratchy ass comforter and a room that smells like dog piss. I ain’t naming names, but my bet is (obviously) the puppy – Clover.

What is a snack that you love but that others might think is weird or disgusting?

can’t think of anything. I am more the other way… a bit of a picky eater. So, its more like what do others love that I think is weird and disgusting? Well, let’s start with olives.

Worse? Corn nuts. I have a serious aversion to the smell of corn nuts, and I have no idea why. It’s as if when I was a child, someone would open a bag of cornnuts and then bonk me in the head with a mallet. That is how visceral my reaction is. Maybe I am repressing something.


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