Friday Fives – movies and combo packs and sleeping dogs


1. What was the first DVD you ever purchased?

This is Spinal Tap.  Being a musician, and obsessed rock fan, I find it to be about the greatest film ever.  Seeing that on DVD not only convinced me to buy the DVD, it convinced me to buy a DVD player!  Did you know that entire movie (like all Chris Guest movies) was improvised?  Like a Larry David show, they are given a very loose storyboard.  Also, Michael McKean wrote and sang all those songs.  A few years ago, I got to see them play.

It is really something.  I mean, this was just an acting role for a movie spoof.  Yet, these guys wrote songs, play all the instruments, the works.  Something also fun, when the movie came out back in 1980(ish) the guys did all their interviews in character.  These three also wrote all the great folk songs from ‘Mighty Wind’… which is another Chris Guest movie and is also entirely improvised.  Mad talent with these guys.  Oh, and their bassist is half the voices on the Simpsons.  This means he is crazy, crazy, crazy rich… probably hundreds of millions of dollars.  Yet, here is was touring the country playing these amazing songs with his pals.

Great actors, too.  You know these faces from Spinal Tap.  Here is the same three guys from the next Chris Guest movie… again… riffing off the cuff.  No script.

2. Do you still watch it?

Of course.  Not as often as I used to, though.  Like the other great Rob Reiner movie, Princess Bride, I know every word.  So, it’s almost pointless to watch.  This bit with Bruno Kirby is my favorite.  So clever, and mean, and pointless.

3. If you could only save five DVDs from a house fire, what would they be?

Simon and Garfunkel live in Central Park, Oceans 11, Bob Dylan Don’t Look BackAmerica, tribute to heroes.  It looks like this one is out of print. I would make you a copy of mine, if I had any idea how to do that.  Summer School.

4. Have you purchased any Blu Ray discs or do you just rent now?

oh yeah, of course.  Everything I buy is blu ray now.  Once you get that high def pic and sound on a good tv you simply can’t go back.  I rarely buy movies, though.  I can’t watch movies over and over.  So, what I buy is concert stuff.  I don’t think I rent at all.  Another thing I don’t do is go to movies.  I have talked about this before, but here is why:  It costs $10 a person to see a movie.  So, wifey and I and some popcorn and a soda puts us at $40.  Not a big deal for a night out and a few hours of entertainment.  however, since I have a nice tv and a really nice stereo, watching movies at home is nearly as good.  Plus, if I watch them at home I can pause it to go potty.  I can also have a beer and such.  Oh.. and I can BUY the movie for $14 from Best Buy.  Just about any movie is as good at home.  However, there is stuff you must see at the theater.  Things like ‘Lord of the Rings’ should be experienced in a big ass theater.  Plus, anything (and everything) that James Cameron makes.

I would be remiss if I did not rant about this combo pack BULLSHIT that is happening now.  Just about all new releases come as a ‘combo pack’ and nothing less.  You can not buy the single blu ray DVD for $14.  Oh no, they make you buy the bullshit ‘combo pack’ for $25.  It comes with the blu ray and a regular def dvd.  If I am buying this, then it is implied I have a blu ray player, right?  Well, if I have a blu ray player, why the hell would I want to watch the standard definition issue?  I would not.  Oh, and it comes with a ‘digital download’, which is SUPREME bullshit.  See, if you have a laptop that can handle streaming such a big ass file as that download… your laptop can just as easily play the shitty DVD they just gave you.  It is  forced upsell.  I would buy SO many more movies if they didn’t pull this shit.  I won’t buy the combo packs as a matter of principle.  It is incredibly disrespectful and manipulative to consumers.   Ok, sorry.  had to establish that point, again.

5. What is the jewel of your disc collection?

Probably this, even though I never listen to it.  It is the result of 20 years of lawsuits and battles to keep it off the market.


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