Hell hath no fury like… well, you know

I am concerned about these gals, VERY concerned. I am not concerned about the horrible things they did. That is what cops and judges and prisons are for.

I am not concerned for their victims, or whole horrible suffering. I am not concerned that the violent crime are being committed by beautiful women. It’s not even that they are women. Well, it kinda is. Check out these mug shots, and what these ladies are in for.

By the way; yes I know there are plenty more evil men with even more twisted mug shots. However, there is something about a stunningly beautiful gal whose life as a free person is now completely and incontrovertibly over.

This gal below, lets call her ‘Sonya” – she just suffocated her two infant children to death



This stunner just got busted for firing on cops. So, she is not only a cop killer, she just got busted for it. They have her, cuffed. The yellow jumpsuit is a felony arraignment outside. She seems pretty pleased. Wouldn’t you at least PRETEND to be sad at your hearing? I wrote about it here a few years ago when this unfolded



Now this gal, she is the mother of it all. She was my first foray into the crazy hot mugshot world. This stunning cheery gal is a bad breaker-upper. See, if you break up with her, she calls the police and says you are a serious deadly threat and likely to kill everyone around you. Since she is a psych nurse, they take this seriously. As well they should.   She has done this more than once. It’s her thing



I am sure there are many more, but I am too scared to properly research this story. I have no desire to find more pretty gals who can kick my ass… and smile about it.  To you homicidal babes out there, at least PRETEND to be sad for a few hours.  It goes a long way.  We should call this the “Casey Anthony Stare“.  I wouldn’t joke about that, she will kill you.  Oh, and this one will, too.


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