Friday Five – travel edition

Do you like to travel?

Of course, Mexico is our favorite. I could live there, and did for a bit in college. Lived with a family there on an exchange thingy learning Spanish

How often do you travel?

Once or twice a year we head out of state. We like to travel, and we are fortunate enough to be able to afford to travel. Problem is, we have a small farm of animals. Makes it tough to leave. Hey, can you watch my dogs, and cats, and horses, and fish? The Sea Monkeys are the toughest. They demand their little crowns be shined. It’s a nightmare.

How do you travel? In the ‘bubble’, or backpacking with the granolas and lonely planeters?

Somewhere between the two. It used to be backpacks and a little money and us against the world. Now, our bodies are older and comfort is nice. Don’t worry, we didn’t sell out like you, though. We still keep it real, yo.

Do you stay connected, or let the world pass you by

Again, a bit of both. Is that a cop out? Odds are every few days I’ll find an internet café. Make sure everyone at home is still alive. I don’t think I need to check on fantasy football, but I will have to find out football scores.

What the hell happened when you got back to work? Can they not do anything on their own? Jesus Christ on a crufix if I was gone another day longer we would have gone out of business.

I know, right?

ed note: that plane up there, it’s Ed Force One.  In addition, these were pre-written for your convenience.  Let’s just say I am ‘traveling’.


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