Friday Fives – roy kills off our protagonist?

1.  If you were to open a store or a boutique, what would you sell, what would the shop be like?

I would love a book store or used cd store.  However, I am such a fan and a collector I could never part with anything.  People would bring stuff to the counter and I would be talking them out of it, so I didn’t have to part with it.  Same with guitars.  I know that is kinda dodging the question, but I am not a fan of the question.  So, to myself, I have rationalized my shit answer.  Clever, huh?

How about guitars?  Yummy.

2.  You won a lifetime supply of the last thing you purchased! What do you get, and are you happy with it?

I’ll give you the last two things I bought, how about that?  Two things ago was a can of hazelnut chocolate Pirouettes from Whole Foods.  These are the BOMB.  They looked, and tasted, just like these.  So… pile them on and I am cool with that.

The last thing I truly bought was a slice of pizza with my editor, believe it or not.  The guy who writes these questions and turned me on to blogging.  We caught up with each other for a bite and some great conversation.  It was Anthony’s.  So, yeah… you can smother me in NY style pizza for sure.

3.  What is a fad that diet off that you still participate in?

low/no carb.  Made famous and popular about ten years ago with the Adkins diet and the Suzanna Somers diet.  They are both low/no carb.  However, there are some key nutritive differences between the two.  The Atkins diet is simply a way for you to rationalize to your wife why you eat so much bacon.  The Suzanne Somers is for neurotic types who don’t believe in shit like science… and get their health advice from talk shows, and Jenny McCarthy.  100% of these participants (myself excluded, i swear) have celtic-y looking tramp stamps.   Prolly a dolphin on their ankle, too.   In short, it works.  Most or all carbs are basic sugars.  If you aren’t working your ass off, your body converts them to fat for storage at a later date.  Awesome if you are fighting dinosaurs, not to awesome if you are a cubicle monkey.

Oh, and I know this is super obvious, but it can’t be said enough.  Nothing will ever replace eating healthily, moderately, and exerising.  No pill or patch will fix that.  Well, unless the patch goes over your mouth.

4.  Has anyone ever tried to intentionally kill you?

not to my knowledge.  Is there a round about way you are trying to tell me something?  Listen, Roy, it wasn’t my plan to leave Sprint.  It was certainly never anything against you. It was a leadership decision, and in NO way is related to my restraining order.  We can work this out, right?  Jesus, don’t kill my birds.  It’s all I care about.

5.  How long have we left until the Robot Overlords take over the world?

        13 days and roughly as many hours.


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