Friday Fives – new year’s revolution edition 2015

Are you a New Year’s resolution setter?

No, unless they are super achievable. Like “in 2015, I will not murder a single hooker”.

Do you have a resolution this year you have already broken?

See above, actually. Dead hookers flowers everywhere.  Fuck.  You can’t dig this time of year in Colorado.  Everything is frozen solid.. uh… they say.

We are one week in, how successful is your best resolution this year so far?

According to our draconian and bullshit legal system, I am not doing good at all.

How did last year’s resolution pan out?

Perhaps I have already said too much

Society resolution. What resolution should we as a people adopt?

Term limits for Congress. I understand that there is value to having someone in there for a bit. A first term freshman is probably not very effective at all. However, there is clearly a complacency and apathy that comes with making a career out of this. I mean, lets look at a couple things really quick that perfectly demonstrate this: remember the McCain-Feingold Campaign finance reform bill? McCain himself then voted against it. Colorado Congressman and aggressive xenophobe Tom Tancredo worked tirelessly to have term limits put in. Then, he ignored them and continued to run (and win) in Congress. He is no longer there only because he left to run for Governor.

*** I am aware the first four answers were glib and dismissive.  Perhaps you, the reader (and I mean that in its singularity) wanted to know my genuine thoughts on this issue.  Well, the first answer was true.  I don’t bother with resolution.  Also, I don’t like the questions at all.  however, I am too lazy to write a new batch.  These days, I am at a new job, and training at 5:45 am.  My alarm goes off at 4 am.  At this point, my goal is really more to go to bed.


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