Friday Fives – naked and shrunken down… again

You have $1.00. What can you purchase that will provide you with the most entertainment?

A Sunday paper.  Oh, I am sorry.  Did you expect some lament on inflation, and technology, and bla bla bla woe is me first world problems?  A Sunday paper and a cup of coffee is an amazing way to spend your Sunday morning.  Cheer up, mate.  It’s all good!

What celebrity do you most look like?

Paul Giamatti. This is why I am convinced I could be an a list actor. First off, I think I could act very easily. Though, I have never done it. Second, Paul Giamatti is schlubby. He looks like America. His acting is AMAZING, but aesthetically… he is schlubby. I am schlubby. Doppleganger, BAM!

Now that I think about it, I can’t think of a better actor than him. So, I appreciate you making the comparison. I am flattered. See, we have schlubby Paul here. Then, we have handsome and engaging Paul here. I guess a good haircut, and losing 20 makes the difference. Long story short – guys in glasses are hot!

If I were shrunk down to the size of an action figure, would my cat eat me or would he recognize me through smell, voice, etc?

He would absolutely not eat you, but he would love you. You would be his best pal. He would likely bat you around and carry you around in his mouth, though.  UNLESS… you cat looks like this.  In that case, your ‘cat’ may be a 52 year old teamster who is still in the learning stages of the Furry craze.  His name is Leonard, and he is actually a decent guy.

 What would be the worst sport to play naked?

Football. Lots of violent contact, and lots of being rammed into the ground. PLUS… football players are really big about that patting on the butt thing, which I just don’t care for. Plus, I do not look at good naked as you might think. Lemme lose 15 pounds, then you will see something wonderful. Lastly, with all those super cut, buff, roided up players all around me in the locker room. What if, you know, what if it moves?

 If you were forced to get stuck in a TV show, which one would you hate the most?

Probably that family with the 18 kids. Not only do I not want to be with that many people, I certainly don’t want to spend it with a bunch of hyper right wing super religious nutjobs.

*** bonus – can anyone tell me the reference at the top of the page… or make any sense of it, If you can, I’ll write on any topic of your choosing.  Here is a hint of the last time I lost a bet like this.  My brother challenged me to write ten nice things about President Bush,

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