Friday Fives – He’s Gone!

What is your favorite scent or odor?

vanilla.  Why the awkward wording?  Why not just call it ‘smell’?  Oh, another great smell?  anything baking.

What is your favorite taste?

Weirdly worded. Do you mean; what is my favorite thing to eat? Um, I guess the answer, regardless, is ice cream. Specifically, mint ice cream. No specific brand, they are all great.

What is your favorite sound?

That of an acoustic guitar. To paraphrase Ben Franklin (who said this about beer) – it is proof god loves us and wants us to be happy.

What is your favorite texture?

Easy, cat tongue! Just kidding. What the fuck is the deal with those little abominations?   Aren’t Christians afraid of cats?  Maybe that is why.  Side note – I heard a theory that it is the reason why the plague thrived.  Christians killed all the cats back then.  They were freaked out by them, and their little demon tongues.  Now, the plague spreading rats had less predators.  It’s probably untrue, but interesting nonetheless.   Sure, I could google it… but this is a conversation between you and I in real time.  If you wanna know so bad, you google it.  I am busy, mister.  Sitting down to watch Catfish, that crazy doc about online dating fraud.  I have seen it, but wifey hasn’t it.  She best be prepared to be freaked the f out!

Sorry, let’s focus.  What was the qusetion again? Favorite texture? Weird, and creepy question. I refuse to answer it!  You are a perv for even asking!

What is your favorite thing to look at?

Boobs. I also very much like nature, guitars, and pick up trucks. But… yeah… boobs!


bonus content, you cheap bastards!

I feel like I haven’t given you a good chunk of whimsy. My answers were brief. So, let’s play the game I always play when my content comes up short. Full random on the cell phone music playlist.  Lesse who comes up, and why. First 5 songs, no skipping.  Warning, it might just be 5 different live versions of Terrapin.  I put a larger memory chip in my phone to hold more music.  I have 851 songs, and that doesn’t count all my online Google Play stuff… which I paid for, but can only listen to if I am online.  That is some bullshit!

Sex With Strangers – Deat Hot Workshop.

Dead Hot is a rock band from Phoenix. They are still around, barely. They don’t even have a website right now. I know, because I offered to make one for them. These guys are awesome! Their heyday was the 90’s, when I was in college. They are close buddies of the Gin Blossoms (also from Phx, same club circuit). In fact, first time I saw Robin from Gin Blossoms sing, it was at a Dead Hot show. If you can find their music, it is amazing. Straight ahead, balls out, bar rock. It was always thoughtful, too.

Oh, and this song? Not remarkable. It’s kinda filler. Find the EP ‘River Otis’, I am sure it is available. It is 100% gold. It’s about the friendship, and death, of Doug Hopkins. He was the Gin Blossoms guitarist (and guy who wrote every hit) who was fired for drinking and drugs, and shortly after killed himself. Super sad story. Some, like me, would say that is why you don’t hear about Gin Blossoms anymore. They lost their best songwriter.

Halah – Mazzy Star


Oh, it’s like a message. It’s the sound of god in her voice. Here, just listen to this. Headphones for this, for the full effect. Nothing more need be said.

This is a band that is also still kinda, sorta together. Get their first album (She Hangs Brightly). It’s amazing, and this song is on it. WAIT – they had a hit. Fade into you. Also a great song. Seen them live, too, of course.

Terrapin Station (live ’77) Grateful Dead

This is my absolute favorite Grateful Dead song, especially live. There is a lot of Dead on my phone. Same with Dylan, and Pearl Jam. LOTS.  For studio, my favorite Dead song is ‘Rubin & Cherise’.  Technically, of course, that is Jerry band solo.  But, it’s Jerry and Robert Hunter… so it is pure Grateful Dead.

Hang Down Your Head – Tom Waits (Rain Dogs)

I don’t think I can turn you on to Tom Waits. You either get him, and have been listening to him for 20 years, or he sounds like a crazy drunken uncle who was also a prospector. Rain Dogs (1982-ish) is just a really, really great album across the board. You need more Tom Waits in your life, I assure you of that. Start with this press conference.

Know what? I am not a big fan of piracy, but here is the entire album on youtube. SO good. Tom is alive and well, and was Lettermans’ last music guest, I think. Oh man, his Letterman appearances were brilliant. Rarely even music. He mostly just paneled with crazy Tom Waitsian type stories.

Looks like Rain – Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman (bootleg)

I LOVE this song. It’s my favorite Bobby song. Bobby is the other singer in the Grateful Dead. He is the one who did Truckin’. Bob is still alive and kicking, and playing the Grateful Dead reunion in Chicago in a couple of weeks. We’ll be there.

The link up above in the song title is a beautiful solo acoustic version Bob did recently from his studio. The version on my phone is from an old bootleg I have of the Bob and Rob tour I saw – geesh – about 25 years ago. I was in high school, I think. Now, speaking of Bob, there is a really terrific Bob Weir documentary on Netflix right now.

It just came out two weeks ago, and it’s only on Netflix. It is so good I have watched it twice. Plus, I cried twice watching it. I won’t tell you where, but even if you aren’t a Deadhead, you should watch it. In fact, ESPECIALLY if you aren’t a Deadhead. Bob went under the radar, and was largely unappreciated by all… until Jerry died. Think of George Harrison not getting any songs on Beatle albums for ten years. Not because he wasn’t amazing, but because he was up against Lennon & McCartney. I think that is the perfect analogy about Bobby. Jerry was such a talent and life force and gift that all around him kind of disappeared.


2 thoughts on “Friday Fives – He’s Gone!

  1. Tom Waits “What’s he building in there?” (at least I think that is the name) is about the creepiest thing I have ever heard…and I want to use it in a Halloween prop!

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