Friday Fives – Tangled up in Shoe

Who is the fourth person on your missed calls?

The wifey.  She is also #s 1 through 3.

What is your favorite ring tone on your phone?

A custom ring I made with the acoustic guitar intro of ‘Desolation Row’ from Bob Dylan.  It’s a stunning cut of music.  Listen here.  I don’t like any of the stock ring tones.  Since everyone on Earth has an android, we all have the same 10 choices.  So, I customize mine to something beautiful.  You have the same software on your phone to do the same.

I would cation you, though, about what song you choose.  Best to go real obscure.  For a time, I had the riff to ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ as my ringtone.  Bad idea.  That song gets played a LOT… and rightfully so.  It is an amazing song.  BUT… every time that song came on tv or a car or a radio, I would think it was my phone.

I am more than confident I will not hear Dylans’ Desolation Row on the radio anytime soon.  Why?  Well, for one reason, it’s a prototypical early Dylan song.  So, it has 8 to 10 verses. (Editors note:  just checked, it is 10 verses.  This is super common with old Bob.  Shelter from the Storm, 10 verses.  Tangled up in Blue?  9!

I love this song so much, I am not going to link it, as I usually do.  Just going to embed here.  Dig it (that is an order)

What shirt are you wearing?

An alarmingly bright, and borderline tacky, blue dress shirt.  What would we call this, Royal Blue?  Its rare I wear it, but most shirts at the dry cleaner.  Plus, I have a couple Jerry Garcia ties that really pop with this shirt.  I have to wear a dress shirt daily, which is totally cool with me.  I just wish it could be with jeans.

Underneath it?  Well, that is kind of personal, but ok.  My undershirt is always a polo t shirt.  The softest and greatest shirts on earth. I think I have even written about them before.  It is an expensive shirt for a … well… for a shirt.  They are $40 each.  BUT… if you keep your eyes on the Polo Outlet store in Castle Rock (or wherever you are) you can pick them up a couple times a year for $10 each.  When that happens, I stock up.

What do you label yourself as?

Joyous, optimistic, odd, left-handed, left leaning, aspiring Buddhist and good husband

Name the brand of shoes you’ve recently worn.

These Doc Maartens.  It’s a simple classic brown leather dress shoe… but so much more.  They are super duper comfy, so I wear them pretty much always.  Plus, they look sharp.  There is so much more to the story, though, and I am glad you asked.  I couple of years ago, I got called away from work to respond to the Boulder floods.  It was really bad.  It was only sorta bad when the called me, but they thought it might get REAL bad.  It did. I was in Denver, and they needed me to pick up a shelter trailer in Castle Rock (half an hour south) to take up to Boulder (about an hour north of Castle Rock).  Easy breezy, right?  Wrong.  Boulder was so deluged that all the roads into Boulder were closed.  ALL OF THEM.  I even had police escorts who told me ‘we can’t go any further, and neither can you.’

It was dark at this point when I encountered the last road block (after 7 hours of driving around trying to get in).  I parked and talked to the cop who was diverting traffic.  The road looked ok, I could see about 100 feet ahead.  I asked how far the road goes until the flooding.  He said, and I swear to you this is true “see those flashing hazard lights ahead?  That car is upside down in the water…”.  I asked how in the world that happened, and he said “I was doing this blockade here, just as you see me now.  About half an hour ago, a car zoomed past me, gave me the finger, and then zoomed around my cop car (with all the lights on) and around the barricade and kept going.  It hasn’t moved in half an hour.”  I asked if they were ok, he said “I don’t know, I am am not going down in that water to risk my life for some ahole who thinks the rules don’t apply to him”

The call that came to me to get the trailer came at about 4 pm.  At about midnight, I called the whole thing off and drove back to Denver with the trailer.  As I finally got back to the Red Cross HQ to drop the trailer, I thought of my shoes.  I had come straight from the office, so I was wearing my dress shoes.  I had been walking in, and through, water ALL NIGHT.  I knew my shoes were fucked.  I was sad, and I looked down expected to see the leather all discolored and beaten up.  The shoes were fine.  Completely fine.  Didn’t even need a quick polish.  I then remembered why, they were Doc Maartens.  There is no tougher shoe on the market I can think of that also looks this nice.  I am wearing those shoes today.  These shoes, I would marry them if I could.

Remember how the GOP said if you allows gays to marry that will open up all kinds of  unholy combinations?  They were right, my shoes and I are engaged!  Worse?  Yeah, we will be gay married.  Again, Republicans, you were right as always.

Even more fantastic?  I bought them used at goodwill for $5!  That whole experience should literally be a Doc Maarten commercial.  Sadly, its my only paid, they are really expensive for a working guy like me.  Ok, probably not too expensive, I am just too cheap.

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