Peyton Manning broke my heart

manning mad


Can I tell you why I am so mad at Peyton Manning? Can I tell you it has almost nothing to do with his horrible recent play?

I love Peyton Manning… for several reasons. Mostly, he has always been a class act. Never talks shit, never once been caught trying to murder his wife on camera, or murder some dudes behind a club after a superbowl. He is a role model, and I think that is incredibly valuable in today’s media soaked world. But a couple things have recently caused me to question his alter in my pantheon.

Last year, he had a super shitty super. SUPER. SHITTY. Very un-Manning. They said he was sick, but he went out and fought like a champ. We knew he was a little hurt, and a little sick… but he powered through it. Barely. He played fucking horribly, and should not have kept playing. See, I remember at half-time Greek benched Manning. Said he was too busted up and too sick to play. It was announced to the networks he would not return, which is a formal thing. Brock came out at halftime, ready to play. 5 seconds later, Manning came running behind him. Manning refused to lay down. At the time, I thought this was heroic. Now that I know what I know, I see he was just being a selfish narcissist. He was just a tad bit more than ‘sore’, he was incapacitated:

Manning has a torn rectus femoris, one of the four muscles that make up the quadriceps. The affected muscle runs from the pelvis to its attachment just below the knee. The bruising from the injury was so severe, it had spread to the back of his leg, a source with knowledge of the injury told ESPN.

Broncos doctors knew about the injury, and Manning did what he could to intentionally conceal the injury from as many people as possible, sources said.

I wasn’t mad when I found this out, just puzzled. It’s ok, he is just super competitive, right?

Then… we had that game a couple of weeks ago, where Manning did really, really bad. So bad he was benched. So bad that he scored me NEGATIVE 2 points in my Yahoo league. I didn’t know that was possible. So, after Manning throws MORE catches to the opposing team than his own team… they pull him. It is mentioned he has a sore foot, and maybe that is why we were being 30 points and he threw 4 goddamn interceptions. Gee, was hit foot more messed up than he let on?

You bet your ass it was. His foot is fucking broken. Damn near in half. There is a muscle call the ‘plantar fascia’… it just holds the back of your foot to the front of your foot. It’s kinda super important. Well, Manning’s was broken. Real bad. Like, he can’t walk. Once they forced him to get it properly looked at after that game, he couldn’t walk. He is STILL in a cast three weeks later. Why the fuck is a guy who literally can’t walk out there leading our billion dollar investment? Well… maybe he is just super competitive.


Then this happened. During his first week on the bench, the Broncos did fine. Did great, actually. What did Manning have to say?

I plan to play next year, even if it’s not for the Broncos

What the fuck is that about? Why would you say that in the middle of the season, in the middle of a game? Why would you say that about the team to spent 120 million bucks on your broken ass neck? Peyton had FOUR neck surgeries. We stuck our necks out for him, and now he is talking shit after being benched once. Mind you, this week that he said that, he wasn’t being benched for poor play. No. He was benched because he can’t fucking walk.

manning foot

The issue is, simply and sadly, he isn’t what he used to be. No one in the NFL is after 20 years.   It is a deadly, violent, debilitating sport. What I don’t get is this – he is rich, and holds all the records. He is SUPER close to becoming a very sad Favre example.  Stop playing, Peyton. You are a zillionaire, and beloved. Well, you are now. If you keep pulling this shit, it wears on us quickly. I think it comes down to that email that got leaked from Tom Brady. Brady said he planned on playing ten more years, and Peyton was basically done. He was right.


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