Friday Fives – who did it first?


What is a dying/underappreciated art?

Craftsmanship, of every kind.  Between technology,and outsourcing to cheap labor, things are not hand made with love in America anymore.  Don’t believe me?  Look at EVERYTHING you can see right now. Your keyboard and computer, your Simpsons shows (done in Asia), your drywall, those stupid posters and boring ass framed pictures of your boring ass life.  Your cell phone.  ALL made overseas. Your furniture isn’t just made overseas, it is chipboard and plywood shit.  So is mine. Know what a dovetail joint is?  Or a great miter cut?  No?  Fine.  But neither does the computer that made your couch.

 Do you have a favorite artist? 

Artist as in painting?  Salvador Dali, by a MILE.  Picasso (also interestingly a Spaniard) wasn’t fit to wax Dali’s mustache.

What was the last picture you took with your phone?

My cat, last night.  Here it is, and you can help.  I took this picture not because I am sad cat guy (but, I am), but my wife thinks something is wrong with his nose.  I do not.  I would seriously like your feedback if you have any theories.  Look at that photo, isn’t it awesome and creepy?  Didn’t mean to be, but my flash is more aggressive than that guy you got your car from.

I took this to be able to do an objective compare/contrast in a week.  She thinks it is getting worse, and I see nothing.

willie cat 2015

if you follow me on Facebook, you know him as the famous ‘kitty accountant’.

If Google existed in the 19th century, what things would be the most searched?

  • Does cocaine really fix my underlying emotional issues (hint, no)
  • What the hell is consumption, exactly?
  • Jesus, could they hurry up and invent TV already? This shit is boring!
  • Isis doesn’t exist yet, do they?  Because they are fucked up.

 What is your talent?

Helping people… and this writing.  Why do I say that?  Because what I do (snarky topical writing with both wit and heart) came BEFORE all the pretenders.  Buzzfeed?  Cracked?  Colbert Report?  The freakin’ DAILY SHOW?  They all do what I do, and I was doing it YEARS before them.  I have been doing this since 2003.  Back then, I was coding my own HTML for the site.



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