Friday Fives – Academy Awards edition


Academy Awards Edition:

What two movies combined would make an even better movie?

What two movies combined would make an even better movie?

What pg-13-, pg- or g-rated movie/series has the potential to improve the most from an R or an NC-17 rating? 

What is your favorite movie soundtrack? Which particular track would you recommend?

Which movie character makes you most angry?

Ok, we have a situation.  I don’t like these questions at all.  I LOVE movies, but I don’t analyze and obsess over them like I do with music.  In that case, we are going to do what we always do when we don’t like the questions.  We go into my music collection and I pick the first 5 songs that come up at random.  I then tell you my association with them.

Tangled up in Blue – Jerry Garcia Band

Well, here we have my two favorite things.  No surprise this came up. Jerry and the Dead LOVED Dylan.  I challenge you to find any live Dead show that doesn’t feature a Dylan long.  This song is from an amazing live Jerry Garcia two disc set.  The set is literally half Dylan. It is also out of print, but I have a copy.  If you think the Dead has ability to prattle on endlessly musically, then careful with Jerry.  He has too many songs (meaning, anything numbering 1 or above) that go on for 11 to 15 minutes.  This song isn’t, though.  It’s tight like Borat’s sister.

Ok, this one prattles on a tiny bit… it’s 11 minutes.  That isn’t all Jerry’s fault.  This song, like most of Dylan’s early work, has 8 verses. Anyhow, here… watch.  This is so good it hurts.

He is even playing Tiger.  I love that guitar so much that I now play a custom hand made replica.  This version is very good, but the one on the album I am referencing is better.

(ed note.  That isn’t Tiger, it’s Rosebud.  Duh.  I know the look alike, they were made by the same guy)

Crash Course in Brain Surgery – Metallica

Not a great song, but it’s off a great album.  When Metallica’s brilliant bass player died tragically, he was replaced by Jason Newsted.  They released this EP with him.  It is loose and fast and fun and delightfully underproduced. It feels like a demo, and it’s all covers.  It was known as the $5.98 EP… but was later repacked and re-released as ‘Garage Inc’, a nod to their many bootlegs that went by variations on ‘the garage tapes’  SO much bad ass stuff on this album, but (again) this isn’t one of them.  Note, Hetfield made this album with a cast on.  Bad ass.  Interesting to note he hides that fact on the cover.

This too is out of print.  Like Jerry’s, it’s largely covers.  That means the record company had to pay out just about every penny to the original artists.  A very educated guess tells me that is why these went down.  Find this, it’s brilliant. Then, make me a copy.  Even I don’t have it.

Bullet the Blue sky – U2

Good song, amazing band.  I love U2.  Anyone who says they don’t is a hipster asshole.  Yes, Bono is overexposed, and a bit overbearing.  He is also a great fucking singer and song writer and rock star.  U2 has SO much great music, and it is so diverse… you just can’t disregard them.  It’s like saying ‘I don’t like the Beatles’, or ‘I don’t like Elton John’.  Sorry, that isn’t possible.  So.. you are being a judgmental hipster douchenozzle.  You are one of those guys who stops liking bands when the become successful.  You hold it against them. Yeah, you were OGT, from the first EP.

Did you catch that reference?  It’s from Tool’s ultimate dismissal of people who call you a sell out.  Maynard says, quite brilliantly:

I met a boy wearing Vans, 501s, and a  Dope Beastie t, nipple rings, and
New tattoos that claimed that he  Was OGT,  From ’92,
The first EP.

And in between  Sips of Coke  He told me that  He thought
We were sellin’ out,  Layin’ down,  Suckin’ up  To the man.

Well now I’ve got some  A-dvice for you, little buddy.  Before you point the finger
You should know that  I’m the man,

And if I’m the man,

Then you’re the man, and He’s the man as well so you can
Point that fuckin’ finger up your ass.

All you know about me is what I’ve sold you,  Dumb fuck.
I sold out long before you ever heard my name.

I sold my soul to make a record,  Dip shit,
And you bought one.

Wait… what were we talking about?  Oh, U2.  They are terrific, and even better live.  I have affinity for this song as I was at this show.  Remember Rattle & Hum?  It was filmed in Phx at Sun Devil Stadium.  I was there!  Geesh, how old was i?  website says 1987, which makes me 15.  Also, for the creepy record… this too is out of print.  Cover songs?  Yes, just a few.  But, he covers a Beatles song.  I guarantee that is what killed it.  You can’t cover the Beatles.  They make is prohibitively expensive.  Here is an example of how NO ONE gest to use the Beatles songs for anything.  When Penn Gillette was on the Apprentice, the cameras followed them everywhere.  You know… that is how tv is made.  When Penn wanted to have a private conversation with someone… and have it not show up on TV… he would start singing ‘Hey Jude’, knowing it could never ever air because you just can’t license the Beatles.  We are talking about one of the biggest companies on Earth… NBC, which is Comcast, and was General Electric.

Once – Pearl Jam – Live in Denver 2014

I was at this show.  There are two bands I NEVER miss live (and none of them are Grateful Dead offshoots).  Pearl Jam, and Iron Maiden.  Am going to see Maiden again in April.  Pearl Jam is still killing it.  I would put this version of Once up against another live recording of it from 20 years and you wouldn’t know the difference.  I would, of course.  I am such a fan of Pearl Jam that I have been in their fan club for 19 years now.  There is no other band I have that relationship.  Like you, I mostly think ‘fan clubs’ are for sad little men desperate to feel an affiliation with their favorite band.

Mine is mostly a smart business relationship, though.  Like all fan clubs these days, I get first crack and tickets AND preferential seating based on tenuse.  You should go see Pearl Jam with us, we get really good seats.

Ok… last one.  What do we got coming in next?

It Won’t Hurt – Dwight Yoakum

While I have always dismissed county, I have always loved Dwight Yoakum.  We even do one of his songs live in my band, and I am the singer.  Fast as You.  He is coming this summer to Red Rocks.  Great, right?  NO.  He is opening for some asshat band like Matchbox 20… or some shit like that.  May go to just see his 45 minute set and leave.  Except, tickets would probably be well over $100.  Most national shows are.  Paul Simon is coming.  After fees, it is $300 for a pair of tickets… and those are the cheap seats.

In closing, I gotta mention my favorite U2 song, Bad.  So good, it literally hurts.

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