Friday Fives – secret societies


who is really running America?  Secret societies?  the super rich?  The electorate?  white people?  the poor?  The rich?

I can’t say I have any real idea. I do know this, though. It ain’t us. It ain’t the electorate or the voters or the workers. What did George Carlin say? “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!”   Mike Myers’ character in So I Married an Axe Murderer’ called it ‘the Pentavorate’. Here; let’s just stop and watch that scene again. This may be the funniest and best three minutes of film, ever.

Oops. That clip is truncated, and missing the whole ‘Head’ rant about little William. My suspicion is that if we had ANY idea what was really happening at any point in time, our heads would explode. Do you know why Scientology won’t just tell the ending of their mythos to the outside world? Do you know why they don’t even tell their own goddamn people what their religion is about (Xenu, the volcano monster and keeper of your suppressed unconscious issues)?   Because they believe if they told you the truth, “Your head would explode.” Tom Cruise really said that to someone. That is kinda how it would probably be if we knew how things really worked in society.

Are we doomed? Is it helpless? Why are we here? Simple. Be a good person and try and do good. That is all.

 who is ruining America?  Secret societies?  the super rich?  The electorate?  white people?  the poor?  the rich?

 Ruining America? People who don’t vote. Let’s try that angle. The issue is a self-perpetuating snake eating its tail. Do you know your Congressman doesn’t talk about the problems of a poor inner city black who folks are on welfare? Because those kids don’t vote. You know why no one ever does a goddamn thing about education except make platitudes? Because kids can’t vote. You know who can vote? Old people. Old people are done with school, and have a fixed income. The last thing they want to do is spend a penny on schools if they can help it. It’s just them being practical. So, since kids can’t vote, and every single older person does vote… that is who gets taken care of.

 The cycle has to be broken on both ends, and that means every single damn person should vote. One of the fun things about watching this Trump stuff; I don’t think 75% of those people will show up on election day.  You have to make your voice heard, or nothing will ever happen.

 what was in that soup?

 I think it was Rosemary. Nice touch! Btw, who writes this shit? (ed note: you did, jackass)

if you could do a behavior and sin audit of any one American, who would that be?

President Bill Clinton, I think

Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel, right?  So, there is 4 people on earth… Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel.  Abel is killed by Cain, who then takes off for a bit, and comes back with his wife and kids.  WHOAH… where did this wife come from?  What is really going on here?

Oh, I don’t know. I was raised Catholic. They didn’t explain any of this stuff. Just enough for us to feel bad about it. That’s all you have to do.

*** footnote – if you are interested in secret societies, don’t read another Dan Brown book.  Start with Jon Ronson.  He is super smart and funny and contemporary.  He is my favorite active writer right now.  Here is his amazon page, and here is his own official page.  I mention Ronson because I first learned about the Bilderberg group through him.  That is some serious, and very real, secret society stuff.  Go head… google them.  Just have someone else start your car in the morning.


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