Friday Fives – junk science, and junk drawers


What unsolved mystery haunts you?

Well, the Kennedy killing I am pretty obsessed with.  It doesn’t haunt me, though.  What is done is done.  I think the ‘Jack the Ripper’ case would be nice to understand.  It is known as the first famous serial killing, and England is OBSESSED with it.  Seriously, about 25% of England’s economy is tied to books and tours and everything ‘ripper’ related.  It’s pretty fascinating, and truly set the blueprint for all great serial killers.  Not only did he go a’killin, but sent letters to the press taunting them.  He also carefully posed his victims, and carefully chose his victims.

Did you know that case was the first known to use photographs?  Better yet?  The photographs were almost immediately discarded as useless.  Photography was so incredibly new that it was just perceived as more crap and clutter in the way of the truth.  Crazy, huh?

  • supposedly, when Bill Clinton took office he had two questions:  can you tell me the truth about Kennedy, and are there UFOs?

What seriously scares you?


What smells good but tastes bad?


What makes you feel old?

My body.  NO… wait.  Your body!  tee hee hee

How many junk drawers do you have?

One in almost every single room. However, it isn’t total chaos.  Each room’s junk drawer is specific to that room.  Lemme think:  office, band studio, kitchen, garage, bedroom.  Yup, pretty much every room.  Even the porch has it’s own just drawer, it is just awfully big – for thinks like chair cushions and games and hoses and such


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