What websites have you slowly stopped visiting?

Seasonally, ESPN.com- this because I don’t give a shit about any sports except football. For the next couple of months, there is nothing of consequence happening in the NFL.

In generally, though, the Onion.  Love those guys, and I was there every Wednesday when the paper came out, and then eventually we all just switched to the website.  It is still pretty great, but not as clever as I thought it was 20 years ago. Now, I feel it just kinda parodies itself.  Same criticism people have of SNL, but I remain an SNL loyalist.

 We Have Smart Phones and some of us have Smart Watches and Smart TVs. What’s next?

My father would have said smart asses, and then nearly passed out laughing for how clever he was.  In honor of my great dad, who has since passed away… we’ll leave it at that.  Smart Asses!   See pop, you finally made the cut!

WAIT… I wanna tell you about my alarm clock.  It gets its time from the grid, or something like that.  You NEVER set the time.  It sets itself.  Power goes out and comes back on 4 hours later?  It still sets itself, AND remembers your alarm settings.  This little clock will make you a better person.  It’s $25, go get one now. Stop using your cell phone as your alarm clock.  Turn it off, and pull the battery (if you can) at LEAST once a quarter.

You can send a 1GB flash-drive back to yourself 5 years ago, what do you put on it?

Music. Now, I would like my movie collection to be that portable and accessible.  However, I just bought a 3 terabyte HD that works as a cloud drive.  So, I may be able to do that now… after the super tedious task of uploading 200 movies.
What is a “hidden gem” website that people need to explore?

One my editor turned me on to, Popurls.com – it is a news aggregator site.  I say ‘my editor’ a lot.  In actuality, I am my own editor.  However, my blogging mentor who turned me on to all of this writes our fives.  I like it that way, as I can’t control the questions.  Check out his site, he is better that this stuff than I am… if there could be such a thing. No one actually edits this crap I write except me.  Ah, the glory of finally getting to use my lit degree for something.  My folks must be so proud.

but then there is this whole other thing I am fascinated by.  You have heard of it, the ‘deep web’.  They say the internet we see and interact with daily is only like 5%.  I want to see the deep web, but I am afraid to.  I mean, why is it hidden?  I can only assume its all child porn and people trying to sell drugs and girls and stuff.  You know, you can’t even get there without a special browser, Tor.  Here is how crazy that shit it, the govt keeps a list of every single Tor user and log in.  If you understand any of this, I’ll sell you my bitcoins.  The magical invisible untrackable constantly fluctuating ‘money’?  What do you do with bitcoins, then?   Seriously, I can only assume its how you pay someone to kill people.

Cash is just so 20th century

Do you have a favorite free install or online video game that most people don’t know about?

Mostly, I use games.  Classic games that at stupid fun and great for time passing.  Yahtzee, scrabble, word finder, trivia crack… stuff like that.  That way I am entertained… and ideally learn some stuff, too.


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