Friday Fives – Sunday Style


What is better… 120 heat or -20 with 5 feet of snow?

Having intimate knowledge of both, I prefer the latter.  Give me the cold.  I do not have AC, so the heat is unbearable at home.  It is currently 100 out in Denver, which is very unusual.  Combine that with the altitude and it is unthinkable.  Indeed, we kinda get both here: very hot and very cold.  I am not sure if this is the best of both worlds, or the worst?  Only Dickens could tell!

So Anton Yelchin just joined the 27 club. Who’s Anton Yelchin? No googling!

Without having any idea who that is… and not googling… let’s take a wild stab in the dark

Yechin’s death illuminates the gritty and real world of amateur and professional wrestlers in today’s society.  I am not talking about well built muscle machines playing MSG to millions.  I am talking about where Yelchin came from… ‘community center’ wrestling.  This is where each wrestler risks his life nightly for about $40.  There are no trainers here, and no doctors on call.  No health care for these guys, just toothless aholes screaming for ‘eddie van halen and the eddie van halen band’.  Inside joke, there.  Extra points to anyone who can name it.  Miss Virgie knows!

Doctors have recently speculated that Yelchin, like many other tragic wrestling figures, suffered from CTE.  That is the traumatic brain injury the NFL has been famously taken to task for.

Knowing what we know about Yelchin’s background, can we be surprised or upset that he was using drugs?  Wouldn’t you?  A recent study showed 83% of current Americans who describe amateur wrestling as a full time job… live UNDER the Federal poverty level.

Frankly, America, I put his death on YOU.  Just like those of you who abhor government hand outs that only shop at Wal Mart.  Knowing full well that 38% of Wal Mart employees are so poorly paid that they have to receive govt subisidies.  6.2 BILLION in subsidies from your check have to go to Wal Mart employees.  How good are those deals, now, righties?

How come you didn’t like my first question? I thought it was brilliant!! I mean how can you say you didn’t know there were gators in Florida? They’re the Florida Gators!

Editors note:  the first question he submitted was terrible and confusing.  I nixed it.  However, I am so amused by this response from my guest editor (separate person, though most are just me.   Today the fearless AZ Monkey Boy stepped in to offer our questions.  Astute, non stoned, readers will remember him from this amazing and 100% true story) that I had to leave it in.  Especially out of context.

Will the Broncos go from first to worst this year?

We will be fine.  Maybe not great, but at least very good.  We have the same defense, who did ALL the heavy lifting last year.  Remember, we all love a good Manning story… but he didn’t do dick-all last year.

Plus… look at our division?  San Diego & Oakland remain just a tragicomedy.  The only threat in the AFC West is the Chefs.  We have always had their number, so that is clearly not a threat.  Great googly moogely indeed!

What famous athlete, actor, singer do you think would make a good pet sitter?

Sarah McLaclan.  She would keep them alive.  Prolly bore them to death, though.  She would sing them all those sad songs, and remind them that most of their family and friends will die a sad neglected death on the streets.

Who would be bad?

Sarah McLaclan, for the reasons stated above.  She could even bum out my Golden





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