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I was gone for the last week, truly offline.  Was on an Alaskan cruise.  Didn’t watch the news, didn’t want to know.  Came back and heard about these terrible cop shootings.  It occurred to me instantly, the issue is similar to the terrorism issue.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, duh.

Not all cops are shooting black people for sport, duh.

Guess what, though?  Terrorism is happening, and when it does it is overwhelmingly caused by Muslims.

and yes, cops shoot and beat blacks.  Always have.  This is not a new epidemic.  What is a new epidemic is everyone in America has cameras and video recorders on them at all times… thanks to cell phone technology.

Both of these things suck.  Sadly, I don’t see either of these things changing.

I don’t have anything more on this.  I do, actually, but I am too much of a coward to talk about the race issues.  I feel because I am white, I can’t talk about the race issue.  This is sad, because most whites feel this way.  Blacks, on the other hand, are also afraid to talk about the issues of race… precisely because of their race.

Ok, I’ll end with this.  A white guy like me can’t say “young black Americans, get your shit together.  YOU are your own worst enemy… not cops or society.” Why can’t I?  Because I don’t know the black experience.  I have never been discriminated against for being white.  I have never been terrified of being alone with a cop.  I have never been enslaved, neither have my ancestors.

A black guy can’t do the same because he would be seen as selling out his own people.

Now… the Muslim terrorist thing.  Gosh, I don’t understand enough about it.  Let me say this, though.  The Muslim radicals hate us (America) because we support Israel (the Jews) so staunchly.  We bankroll them and arm them.  The Jews aren’t playing fair in the middle East, neither is the other side.  That is the nature of war.  I can’t help but think this – lets get out of it altogether.  Israel should be able to stand on their own.  I truly do not get why Jews have been shit on through history, but they have.  I dare say the Jews have had it WAY worse than the blacks.  The Holocaust was not just more impactful on their culture and their numbers.  YET… I have never once heard a Jewish person blame their lack of luck or fortune or history of crime on the Holocaust.

I get why we want to protect the Jews, because they have had it SO bad throughout pretty much all of history.  What if we stepped out of the middle east thing, though?  What if we took NO sides, and let them hash it out?

Gee, I guess I had a lot more to say on this than I thought.  I fired this up just to say the first couple of sentences.

I will NOT close and say ‘All Lives Matter’, either.  Nope.  Black Lives Matter.  They are killing each other off at a rate that can only be described as a modern genocide.  Where they aren’t getting killed by each other, they are getting killed by cops.  Cop lives matter, too, of course.  Let us close with this, though.  Black Lives Matter.  The sooner we all take that perspective (blacks, too), we can begin to move forward.


2 thoughts on “observation on the news

  1. OK so if you have to say black Lives matter, then tell that to the black officers families that were killed, and then proceed over to the white officers houses and tell them black Lives Matter. All lives matter. We all have too much money and too much time to contemplate what we believe in. If we had less money, all lives would matter. Survival would be paramount, not just the ability to sit around and armchair quarterback the current crisis we have going on Inow the United States. Everyone needs to fight beside each other and not against each other

    • I do not have to say ‘black lives matter’. I say it. I think there is a genocide happening to young black men in America. I think it is being committed by the same young black men.

      This is a subset of our population that has trust issues with authority. Mostly, from a meta level, they have created these problems themselves. However, we have to be more patient and better than to respond with violence.

      We understand as a society that more violent crime comes from, and happens to, young black men. This means, of course cops are going to be more nervous pulling over a car full of young black men.

      What we are seeing, though, is systemic executions of young black men by police. Black America has been telling us for a LONG time… and we told they they were over-reacting. “America doesn’t have a race problem”.

      Now that everyone has a video camera in their hands at all times, we are seeing they were right.

      I guess let me say this

      1) young black men, get your shit together. work. stop blaming your problems on society and slavery
      2) cops – stop shooting black kids. More importantly… when you get caught… take accountability. As long as every white cop gets away with killing an unarmed black kid, society will continue to assume you are all racist and covering up. Why? Because you, as a whole, have yet to prove otherwise.

      that being said, I appreciate the shit out of cops. Let me put it this way; who would I rather be in a foxhole with? A cop. Of course, easy for me to say… I am white.

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