Tuesday Fives – late from vacation edition



When you travel to a new city, what kind of points of interest do you research to check out?

Whenever possible, I really really like to have someone local with me.  Someone who can say “don’t do that, that is a scam and not all that interesting.  Here is the real gem of the city only locals know about.”  And things like traffic info ‘the best way to get around here is the subway’, or ‘make sure you rent a car and go do _______’  you can’t get there by bus and it is amazing.

They are also great for restaurant feedback and local dishes you should experience and avoid.

What’s the last attraction/museum/landmark you visited?

Glacier National Park in Alaska.  Even cooler than it sounds.  Take a look at these photos.  Also, that picture up top?  I took that there, from my cell phone.  Look how the glacier traveled like lava through that valley (which it carved as it went) all the way back to the mountain top in the middle.  See the waving ice valley as lava.  You can totally see it’s path.  It just took hundreds or thousands of years to get from that mountain top to the sea.

Ever been to a cool off-the-beaten-path landmark you’d like to talk about?

Yeah, Bobo took me to this super weird and awesome secret hamburger spot in Manhattan, NYC.  It was in this huge building lobby.  To the corner of the lobby was a large black curtain.  It appeared to be nothing, and had no signage or anything.  It just look like it hung in the corner, maybe obscuring some ugly wiring or cable.  Behind it, though, was a secret entrance to this amazing and supey divey hamburger joint.  How divey?  Well, the only menu was a cardboard sign written in magic marker above the order window.  BUT… it was a fully functioning and very tasty burger joint.   This is something Anthony Bourdain would know about, but never tell you.

This type of bizarre and awesome nonsense is EXACTLY why I made the point above.  How having a true local guide you around is always the most superior travel adventure.

If someone were to visit the city where you live, what’s the coolest thing to go see?

Red Rocks Amphitheater.  It is everything you have seen and heard and better.  Even cooler?  You can go anytime… for FREE!  When it isn’t a concert venue, it is a state park.  So, on non concert days, you can walk right in and stand on the stage.  Hell, you can bring your acoustic and play guitar on stage.  THEN, you can tell all your friend that you played Red Rocks.

Is there any place you’ve visited that you’d love to go back to?

Just about everywhere we have been internationally.  Haven’t been in any city overseas for more than a week, and obviously you can’t scour a whole country in a week.  Top choices?  Italy (everywhere), Barcelona, Spain, and… well… everywhere.  Heck, give me more time in Seattle and San Fran.  God, those cities are SO cool I would move tomorrow if we could afford anything there.

For Barcelona, it was worth crossing the Earth just to see the Guadi buildings.  He is this amazing and somewhat insane architect who builds the coolest shit on Earth.  He is also the guy behind the Sagrada Familia.


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