Friday Fives – death I guess


What do you personally believe happens after you die?

Gosh, no idea.  Nothing Christian.  Don’t believe in heaven or hell.  I don’t mind the Buddhist philosophy of living this life over again until we get better at compassion.  But… odds are… nothing happens.  Sadness.   Lights out.  No encore.

You are given insight in to how you die. What kills you and how does it do so?

Jesus, I don’t even want to think about that.  What kind of fucked up question is that?

What was actually better “back then” and isn’t just nostalgia?

Concerts, before they were $150 for tickets, and you could actually get tickets.  Can’t get tickets anymore.  Less than 10% go onsale anymore.  The rest are holdbacks for presale.  Consumer Reports just wrote about it this month.  BUT… I already thoroughly researched and addressed this some time ago on my music site.

What has actually gotten BETTER over time?

Access to knowledge via the internet.  And, of course, porn.

What is your best money saving tip?

Stop eating out

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