Friday Fives – almost Lonopalooza edition

Lonopalooza 2016


Have you found anything at your parent’s house that has disturbed you?

Yes… but – I am not going to tell you, for a myriad of reasons.  Mostly, because they are still alive.  And… my denial gave me a chance to use the word ‘myriad’.

What should every teenager know before they hit their 20s?

Know what?  I just wrote a VERY long and thoughtful answer to this question.  Frankly, it was too long.  I did something with my computer, and it disappeared.  Thought I saved it.  Thought my computer auto saved it.  Neither happened.  My laptop is a Toshiba, and it is an asshole.  Do not buy one.  I had a Toshiba as my work laptop for years, and I LOVED it.  I am beginning to think it was really the late great Jeannette who kept it alive.  I miss you, Jeanette.  I hope you are safe and happy wherever you are.  I hope it wasn’t our stupid questions that killed you, but you are wonderful.  You deserved to live forever.

As to the answer of the question, I am not going to re-iterate it.  My answer was too wordy, and not terribly insightful.  INSTEAD –  All I will do is end this question with a really good joke.

Girl – I am breaking up with you!

Guy – but why, my dear?

Girl – I suspect you may be a pedophile!

Guy – Pedophile?  That is a pretty big word for a 10 year old

Oh stop acting so upset. It’s funny.

What is something a 40 year old should have already learned?

I wanted to say ‘how to drive a stick shift’, but they don’t really make those anymore.  I am 44, so how about if I say this.  How to give your gal an orgasm at LEAST every time you have one for yourself.  Am I on this list?  Well… let’s just say that is between me and my wife and the judge and the probation officer.  Oh, and Becky with the good hair.  Now… do I count myself in that club?  Well, let’s remember I did ust clal myself the exception… as well as exceptional.  That being said, I kinda side with Frank on this one.

What’s the most stereotypical thing about you?

Another big word.  I had only memorized ‘myriad’ for this presentation.  I mean, i don’t really have dials or read outs like one does.  Wait… I do go up and down in moods and strength, like the squiggly line does.  We are talking one of these things, right?

What is a job most people would be surprised exists?

This job.  Wait, let’s just stop and appreciate this scene.  Oh, and nsfw dialogue.


Ok, I know that wasn’t much.  I am tired and going to bed.  I love you!  See you at the party, right?  Sweet!


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