Friday Fives – walter white vs tony soprano edition


What movie actually makes you laugh all the way through?

Spinal Tap.  Not just because it is groundbreakingly stupid and funny… and not just because it has become the default reference for ALL musicians… but because that entire movie was improvised on site in real time.  All those iconic lines are just BS the actors came up with.  Even better?  They guys all did press for the movie only in character.

Better than that?  They wrote those songs, and they are great songs!  They also play their own instruments, and did on the recordings.  Ergo…  even as a fake band they are more capable than most pop stars?  Think Rhianna has EVER wrote a song, or played an instrument?  No.  She has producers for that.  Think Katy Perry writes those great iconic songs?  Nope.  Linda Perry does that (the 4 non blonde lady).

They are so capable, in fact, that they have toured.  I got to see them (Chris Guest, Michael McKean, & Harry Shearer) live.  3 guys, doing all original songs (from 2 movies, mind you) and they were awesome.

What is your favorite movie scene? 

That is an odd question.  Probably the climbing rope scene in Princess Bride, the ‘Cliffs of Insanity’.  Not just because of all the ‘inconceivable’ nonsense… but the greatest dialogue in history (also likely improvised) “you seem like a nice man, I hate to kill you.”  “YOU seem like a nice man, I hate to die.”  There is prolly 8 brilliant laugh out loud moments packed in to about 8 minutes.

Oh… wait.  The whole ‘iocaine powder’ scene where Vissini (Wallace Shawn) made his entire career.  You can bet that 30 years later every single day of his life people come up to him and quote him lines from that stand off scene with the Iocaine Powder (odorless, colorless, and dissolves instantly in liquid, in case you forgot).

What will be movie classics in 20 years time? 

I think it is tough to tell.  Anyone who tells you something different is selling something.

What do you believe is the best acted TV role?

I gotta go with Tony Soprano.  Here is why – we know empirically that Bryan Cranston did perhaps the best acting work in history as Walter White.  BUT… you see him acting. It’s incredible to watch the craft.  James Gandolfini, though, just was Tony Soprano.  You didn’t see him acting, but he was.  Dude was not remotely a tough guy.  He was actually a super over sensitive artistic type.  In real life, he was a million miles from Tony Soprano.  If Gandolfini faced anything Soprano did in real life… he would say something like “gee, guys.  That seems kinda harsh.

Are you one of those types that can quote movie lines? What’s your favorite quote?

Sadly too many to mention.  I can watch Spinal Tap, Fish Called Wanda, & Princess Bride with the sound off and provide ALL the dialogue.


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