Hot Damn! I was Correct… again!

You know I love to gloat.  Rarely, though, is my turnaround time this quick.  Some quick background; most of my pieces percolate in my head for a few months before I finally sit down and write them out.  This amazon piece below is a perfect example.  I have been meaning to write this piece on Amazon reviews for years now.  We live out in the country, so we use Amazon Prime… a LOT.  I long ago learned that a ton of their reviews are shit.  Specifically, never trust 5 star or 1 star reviews.  So, I wrote this piece below (finally) just a few days ago.  Check the time stamp – Aug 27th, 2016.  Set it, and forget it.  I have put up 2 or 3 more travel pieces since then.

My piece was called, quite plainly, “How I read an Amazon Review”  In that piece, I posit that far too many reviews are plants.  Maybe I was just paranoid, but it has served me well.

Then… TODAY (Aug 31st 2016) I read this in the shitter, on

I Get Paid To Write Fake Reviews For Amazon

I like  I read them daily, and obviously we have very similar sensibilities.  I want to remind you again, though, that I was writing in this style a decade before Cracked.  Still, though, they are great.  So, I am happy to throw them a plug… especially when it validates my nonsense theories.

Read their piece, and then read mine.  Wait… read mine first.  Theirs was far better researched than mine.  But, I don’t have staff.  Enjoy them both, and come back here to read to often if you want to get the news before popular cultures catches on.  Since I am not a paid shill for cracked or amazon, or Rush… or any of that… I might as well mention that Cracked and Buzzfeed both have great and free aps that are perfect bathroom reading companions.  I like them both because they are both snarky, smart, and self aware… but without being bullies about it.

I am Correct.  I was Correct.  I shall be… Correct!


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