Friday Fives – dinner party gifts

You are hosting an intimate dinner party at your home. As your guests leave, you give them a gift:


What must read book would give as a thoughtful gift?

Animal farm.  Not just amazing, but you can knock it out in a night.

What must listen music album would you give as a thoughtful gift?

Blood on the Tracks, Bob Dylan.  Duh.

What must have kitchen gadget would you give as a thoughtful gift?

This thing.  It’s amazing.  Greatest thing in the world.


if I am cooking anything, this is out.

What life changing personal gadget would you give as a thoughtful gift?

The bible.  Just kidding.  Aside from that thing above, since we are getting all kitcheny, these tongs.

I keep two.  One small set (like the ones pictured) and a long set for greasy stuff like turning chicken or bacon, or dealing with a really hot grill.  Remember these tongs?  This is what we had growing up, and they SUCK.


almost as bad as the original can opener.  Back then, ergonomics didn’t exist, everything was just function.  Of course, this gave way to EVERYONE in the 80s having an electric can opener.  Seems extravagant, until you saw the alternative.

What else could be a thoughtful gift?

Two words for ya > upper decker.  Every guy reading this knows what this is.  Do no google it.  At least do not google image search it.  In fact, if you are a gal… just pretend this whole last question never happened.


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