thoughts on the 2016 election


First – I get why people voted for Trump.  However, I don’t think anyone was voting for Trump.  He was the ‘none of the above’ choice.  To vote for him was to rebuke all the choices.  I get that.  I agree with that.  I didn’t vote for either of them, and I did vote.  The electorate seemed to be saying “fuck ALL these guys.  No politician has ever done shit for America or the working class.  They are only chasing big donors, and they are accountable to no one!”  I get that, and I agree.  It was exactly the message we needed to send to Washington DC.  I am even fine with the idea of an outsider so far outside that he has never even held public office.  I think that was great.   BUT… here are two reasons why it was ineffective.

But here is where we blew it big time, like we do EVERY time.  The election was a scathing indictment of the status quo… and rightfully so.  Here is the problem with that – the president is largely a figurehead.  The real work is being done in Congress and the Senate.  Those bodies are the ones running the country.  But voting for Trump, America said ‘drain the swamp.  Kick those deadbeat politicians to the curb.  They stopped working for Americans decades ago. Congress… we love to hate them.  Here is a study that shows 91% of Americans disapprove of Congress.  I think the number should be higher, and probably is.  SO… this is an easy fix, America.  Politics suck, Congress sucks,  kick them ALL out of office.  Problem solved!


Instead, we get the Democracy we deserve.  Congress gets reelected over 90% every fucking time.  NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE until they get kicked out.  Kick out every incumbent.  I put my money where my mouth is.  I voted for a Republican congressman a few weeks ago.  I fucking hate Republicans.  I simply wasn’t going to support the incumbent.  If we just kicked out 20%, it would send shockwaves.  You elected a guy who has never held public office to the highest elected office in the land.  You did it because everything, and everyone, is more of the same.  I agree.  Shit, why not Trump?  Could he really be a worse president that GW Bush?  It would be tough.

You have to kick everyone out of Congress.  You bitch about them, and some of you even send them letters and such.  It means nothing, and here is why – I will use the dog training analogy I am so found of.  Imagine you are training a dog to stay off the counter.  Imagine this was your technique – every time the dog gets on the counter, I whisper ‘bad dog’ and then give him bacon.  Would that ever work?  It would not.  Your words mean nothing if you are feeding him bacon.  This is reelecting congress.  You tell them they are all deadbeats and good for nothing.  You talk shit about them, and send them letters, and tell every pollster how frustrated you are.  And then you re-elect them.  Why would they change their behavior if they know that no matter what horrible or uselessness they do… you will re-elect them.

How is it in this election we sent the greatest fuck you in the history of American politics… but the real people running the country got re-elected at a rate of 97%



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