Friday Fives – there’s a song for that


If you could choose a song to die to what would it be?

Angel, from Jimi Hendrix.  Not that over-produced dreck on ‘First Rays… ‘, either.  The acoustic bootleg one.  It is transcendent.  Lemme see if I can find it online.  It is not widely or easily available.  In fact, I don’t even have a copy.  FOUND IT.

Within the past 24hrs, what song has been stuck in your head?

Wasted Years, Iron Maiden ***

Hey you, how tough are you?

I don’t care for that question.  How about this, I am tough enough to talk shit about you on the internet, but not tough enough to actually put my name on any of it.  Hence ‘Lono’, you fucking cowards!   Tee hee hee.

What is the song that describes your point in life right now?

All right now

What song always gives you goosebumps when you listen to it?

That song above, Angel.  Also, the original acoustic demo of ‘Song that Jane Likes’, from Dave Matthews.  The studio cut of that is one his debut, Remember Two Things.  However, that version is also dreck.  Find the solo acoustic ones.




*** I think maybe that we should just rename Iron Maiden as ‘The Steve Harris Band’.  He is the founder, songwriter, brains, and bass player of the band.  Really, Iron Maiden is Steve Harris, and then some other guys, I guess.  It’s rare that a single person be the entire band, even more rare for a non singing bass player.  Motley Crue is the same way, in fact.  Motley is Nikki Sixx.  That is it.  He owns it all, he started it all, he managed it all, and he wrote all the songs.


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