Friday Fives – feed Maynard to PBS


What is your must see network TV right now? 

I don’t have cable, so we don’t watch much broadcast tv of any kind.  We watch football, 60 minutes, and Modern Family.  Everything else is Netflix.  I guess my default would be PBS.  PBS has some strikingly great television.  Also, they have some terribly boring dreck.  I never miss Frontline if it is on, regardless of the topic.  Here is the really unsettling thing about watching stuff on PBS… no commercials.  Since we don’t have cable, we have no DVR.

When I get home from work, and let’s say I am watching Frontline.  I am also likely making dinner, cleaning up, playing guitar, doing laundry… whatever.  PBS gives you no bathroom breaks.  At first, I thought “this is great.  Pure programming without the capitalist interruptions”… but we have been trained to get those breaks every 12 minutes.

What is your must see streaming TV show right now

First thing I do every night when I power up Netflix is check Satchel Handler.  I think she is on a break.  I love her, because he is incredibly fearless.  She seems to possess little to none of the show business pleasantries you need.  Saw her on Jimmy Fallon the other night and she was talking about Russia.  She was explaining that Russia sucks and the people sucks and the whole region is a shithole.  Jimmy was mortified.  In the tradition of Jay Leno, Jimmy is careful not to take sides or antagonize anyone.  It’s a smart move.  Chelsea isn’t like that.  Plus, I find her stunning, and she is very often topless on her show, and I really appreciate that.

Also, I love her books, the older the better.   Barring Chelea, we look for a good stand up special or documentary.

Lastly, I love movies.  I keep a list on the kitchen fridge of movies.  When I see a commercial for a movie out right now that looks great, I write it up on the fridge.  Then, when it comes out on DVD streaming amazing I am ready to pounce.  Because they are SO expensive, we rarely go to the movies.  For wife and I to see a movie, after 2 tickets and a couple sodas we are out $50.  OR… I can wait 3 months and see it for $6 in hi def at home.  Plus, I have a nice tv and a really nice bose hifi… so movies at home are pretty great.

What is your must see cable/satellite TV show right now?

We already covered that, it’s Chelsea Handler. Are you even paying attention to me?

Do you have a must read author/writer right now?

Yes, Christopher Moore.  Hop over to my ‘what I am reading’ page for my wonderful rants about him.  Right now, this very minute, I am not reading him.  I am reading Maynard’s autobiography.  He of Tool greatness.

 What is you must listen to musician/song/album right now.

Tool, because I am reading and listening to Maynard’s book right now.  Yes, I am doing both, and it is kind of interesting.  Allow me to ‘splain.  No, there is too much.  Allow me to sum up’.  I got Maynard’s book from the libray.  That gives me 2 to 3 weeks to read it.  Sadly, I just don’t have the time to knock out a 300 page book that quick.  I am really interested in it, though.  So, I also got the audiobook through audible.  Through the audio book, I am listening to the second half of the book, about his time with Tool and Perfect Circle and moving to Jerome for the winery and all that.  In the hard copy book, I am going through his formative years.  I have never done this before, but it is built out of necessity.  Now that I drive 2 hours a day for work, audiobooks are 90% of my content.

Tool are amazing, and I am lucky enough to have seen them a few times.  However, I must give you the hipster update – I am not into their new stuff.  I fully get why they want to explore deeper things with 14 minute songs which are rich tapestries of the human emotional experience.  Fine.  That isn’t what I want, though.  I love the very early Tool,  like Opiate.  I love the era of Tool where Maynard actually ends a song with this lyric ‘ shoot you in your fucking head!’   This music is SO good, and so emotionally powerful.   Listen with headphones.  Not just because its better that way, but nsfw lyrics.


*** that artwork up top?  As you know, I head everything with a mandala.  Loosely speaking, it is a visual representation of the subconscious.  They are are generally of a circular nature.  This one up top is actual artwork from the band Tool.  Note the Fibonacci sequence embedded in there.  It’s powerful stuff.


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