Friday Fives – New Year’s Revolutions


What’s one New Years resolution you broken?

Not to murder hookers for sport

Do you have a resolution you’ve kept?

Not to get caught… murdering hookers for sport

How did last years resolution pan out?

Pretty good, eventually.  I actually had to resolve to volunteer less.  I wanted to spend more time working on my house rather than the good folks at the Dumb Friends League building needs.  Problem is, it took me a LONG time.  I just stepped down from working at the dog shelter last month.  Now I have my Mondays back… time to get to work on the property.  I still have a bunch of other volunteer interests, mostly public safety stuff.  The DFL was my biggest time sink, though.  Sorry, stray doggies and kitties of Colorado… you are in good hands without me.

They are a really great organization.  I have been volunteering there on and off for ten years.  If/when I ever get back to a work from scenario, I’ll have the time to be back there.  At an hour each way, working there eats and entire day off.

What was the worst of 2016?  How can 2017 be better? 

Trump getting elected, and going back on his commitment to remove lobbyists and special interests from the political process… and hiring every single one of them to be in his administration.  Too many of these people don’t want America to be great… they want liberals to fail.  Look at Rush Limbaugh.  He doesn’t want America to be great.. .he wants Democrats to fail.  He is willing to sacrifice America to make that point succeed.  He doesn’t suggest solutions.  Not once.  He just makes up problems on the left.  Yes, makes them up.  FACT.

What’s that wise and silly bumper sticker – just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

What was your best New Years Eve?

Can’t think of a specific one.  Being not 20 any more, it isn’t that big a deal.  It reminds me of a Dave Barry quote about birthdays.  It goes something like this – there is a time and a place when you should stop expecting people to make a big deal about your birthday.  That day is when you are 7.

       That is kinda how I feel about New Years.


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