Friday Fives – Como Aqua para Chocolate

What movie is so poorly made that it becomes funny?

Gotcha.  I have 2 movies that I love because they are SO bad yet really so great.  Gotcha, and Summer School.  Both these movies did so poorly in the box office that neither was ever pressed to DVD until about 15 years after it was released to VHS.  I deeply love both these movies.

You know what we need Wonder Mutt?  I mean… besides bread.  A woman who appreciates us!


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What movie made you cry so much that you could never even bear to watch it again?

The greatest and most romantic and perfectly told tale of love ever.  Como Agua para Chocolate


here is a hint as to how magical this movie is.  Look at this poster!  Ever seen anything sexier?

What movie becomes more interesting if you add “from behind” to the title?


What do you think when you hear ‘Belgium’? 

We are still talking movies, right?

In Bruges.  Supposed to be a great think piece from Colin Farrell, but it’s a dumb ass snoozer with terrific cinematography.  Btw, I have really come around on him.  Forever, it seemed he was just so fucking good looking that I could not take him seriously.  Thing is, he is funny.  Watch the movie ‘Horrible Bosses’.  Dude is fantastic.

What movie is so perfect you do not fuck with?  

Princess Bride





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