Friday Fives – toofless


The last thing you posted on Facebook is the first thing you must say in a speech in the UN, how screwed are you?


It’s not good news for me.  Here is my last post, verbatim… from about 3 or 4 days ago: Just read that Toad is touring on the 25th anniversary of their masterpiece ‘Fear’. Time flies! I saw them play a bar on that tour… with a fake ID (of course).

What is a classic “old person name”? 


What trait do you most resent your parents for passing onto you?

Being short

What is the prettiest word in a foreign language?

schadenfruede (likely mis-spelled)

The zombie apocalypse is breaking out and the only thing you have to defend yourself with is the last thing you purchased. What are you using to defend yourself?

Oh, it’s on.  I am loaded up, and down, with 5 containers of yogurt.  Eat that, zombie bitches!   You are eating too much brains, and it’s time for some probiotics, motherfuckers!

Just had a toof pulled, been on yogurt for a week now.  You been warned, zombies.  Prepare for a delightful, somewhat healthy, and low calorie snack.

Ok, that feels empty.  You deserve more.  How about a silly bonus?  We’ll do this just like we used to.  the first song that comes up on my phone on random, and what it means to me:

Times of Trouble – Temple of the Dog

first things first, maybe I should introduce you.  Temple of the Dog is a supergroup composed of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.  Even better, this band pre-dates Times of Trouble.  Temple of the Dog was a small songwriting side project for Chris Cornell after his roommate died of a heroin overdose.  Sorry, too long of a story.  It is an amazing song, and you should find it’s twin.  Mike McCready from Pearl Jam wrote the music for the song.  He not only gave it to Chris Cornell, he put it on a demo tape.  Mother Love Bone was looking for a singer, since Andrew Wood died. The band put 3 songs on a demo tape, now famously known as the ‘mamason trilogy‘, and this song was one of them.  the Pearl Jam song is called Footsteps, and it may be the most powerful and intimate vocal Eddie has ever done.

This specific cut is from the Temple of the Dog re-issue.  Here is the Cornell version from Temple of the Dog.  Now… here is the Pearl Jam version.  To further complicate things… the backing band is exactly the same on both.  Scratch that, I am not just going to link it, I am going to embed it.  If you can, I strongly encourage you to listen to this with headphones to get the full effect.

 Which version is better?  Now, I could give you a chickenshit answer.  I could say “each is terrific, and has it’s own value.  You can’t just compare art to art.  You can not, and should not- qualify OR quantify art.  Let each thing stand on it’s own merit.  Chickenshit!  There is a better version of the two, and Pearl Jam wins.  Listen to Vedder’s voice, there are tears.


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