They say the best things in life are the little things, what are some of those things?

Pebbles, stones, pins.  Those are small things.

When did you realize you were getting old?

I can tell you the second I realized it happened, not sure how long ago it was.  Probably about 10 to 15 years ago, wife and I were driving through Northern AZ.  It was desolate, and we were sick of our CDs… so we went to radio.  Very little choice… country and jesus stations.  BUT THEN

We are saved!  Rock and roll comes on the radio.  We loved all the songs, and I remember one of them was Prince.  We were congratulating ourselves for finding good radio when the announcer said ‘oldies’.  Yeah… he dropped the O bomb!  And we had known every song.  It was humbling, and I swear I was probably about 30.  That isn’t old.  Maybe I am old, now… but not then.

What did you learn about a friend when they were drunk?

Had abusive parents.  Very, very sad.  We were SO close, and that never came out until he was faced.  Probably never remembered having the conversation.  Heavy stuff!

What things do you do every day that you wish were automated?

Driving to work.  I don’t even mind the time, but it would be better to be on a train or something, where I could read and listen to music.

What was your “holy shit this is actually happening” moment?’

First time I had sex.   Can’t wait to try it again!


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