Friday Fives – Better Call Vince


What’s one popular TV show you just refuse to watch and why?

Game of Thrones.  Why?  So many reasons.  One is, I didn’t have HBO at the time.  Yes, I know its probably on Netflix or amazon.  But, by the time it made it there, you aholes were already overbearing about it.  Next reason- too goddamn confusing.  Which families and bloodlines or whatever.  Could not keep straight, everyone looked the same (except the midget, who is a brilliant actor).  We tried, the wife and I.  We were told ‘just watch at least 2 or 3, then it will make sense.”  Didn’t happen.  “just watch the first season, then it will make sense”.  NO, I am putting in 15 to 20 hours for a show to make sense.”  Then, in a last ditch, they remind me (even girls, mind you) “there is tons of nudity and senseless violence, you will LOVE it.”

Listen, its true.  I love nudity and violence on screen.  Maybe those are my favorite things in life.  But, there wasn’t enough to explain that confusing ass show, and force me to sit through it.

What’s one of your favorite movies that is overlooked and not praised enough?

There are two.  Both are genius, and both are truly terrible in so many ways.  Gotcha, and Summer School.  I have talked about them before, and I shall again.  See them.  That is a kind, but firm, order.

What movie would be vastly improved by replacing the protagonist with a killer robot?

What movie wouldn’t?  How about one of my other favorite and underrated movies – Como Agua para Chocolate.  If you weren’t so dead inside, you would know the movie, and be laughing your ass off at that absurd image.

What actor or actress will only be remembered for a single role they played?

Jonathan Banks as Mike Ermentrout.

  Absolutely one of my favorite characters ever.  Full disclosure, though, I am watching season 2 of ‘Better Call Saul’ right now.  The whole second season just dropped on Netflix this week.

What was the most cringeworthy acting performance in a movie/TV show?

There is a common myth movie snobs love to float around – that Keanue Reeves and Nick Cage can’t act.  Why?  Because it’s SO true it hurts.  So, what is the difference?  Keanu Reeves is a wonderful person, and Nick Cage is a narcissist douchebag.  Plus, Keanue picks better movies.  He’s still terrible in them, but mostly they are watchable.  Nick Cage then wins the question.


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