Friday Fives explains crop dust circles


What was your favorite past time in high school?

Besides the usual stuff of parties and cars and girls and all those other Springsteen tropes?  Playing football.  I wasn’t on the official team, for a variety of reasons.  However, every day at lunch we would meet at the field and play tackle football.  It was great fun, I still miss it.

What is your all time favorite board game game?

Stratego.  I think it’s out of print, took me years to find it.  Totally holds up.  Just can’t find anyone else who cares.  So… it just sits there in the corner.  Know something weird about board games?  I think there were all made by Milton Bradley.  Know what other board game Milton Bradley makes?  Ouija board.  Yeah, doesn’t that seem kinda fucked up?  I have never gone near one, and have no intention to.  Even though I am pretty confident it’s total bs.

What is the last movie you saw at the theater and what did you think of it?

I think it was probably La La Land.  It was enjoyable.  You can do a lot worse than staring at Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling for a couple of hours.  I have the hots for Emma, and it’s safe to say wifey feels the same about Gosling.

What is something (no matter what kind of mood your in) that makes you happy the moment you do it, see it, or hear it?


Do you believe that crop circles are made by human or alien?

I think this has long been settled, has it not?  Englishmen, pranksters… use wood boards held up with ropes to gently tramp down the crops, using their body weight over the boards.  They move along ‘tramlines’, which are the unplanted walkways designed for farmers to quickly move around their fields on ATVs or such.  Ok, ran a google and found out I was right I am Correct.… pretty much on every single point I had remembered.


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