Friday Fives – air marshal edition

Do you like traveling or are you counting the minutes until the transporter is perfected?

LOVE traveling, and I think it just got about 50% easier.  I now have TSA Pre.  I haven’t used it yet, I just got it a few days ago.  Lot’s of fine print, but I am pretty sure I am basically an air marshal now.  I anticipate an easier life.  Less lines, less searching, less removing of clothes.

If you could visit any country in the world right now, where would you go?

Cuba.  We are close, SO close.  Travel isn’t blocked anymore, but it isn’t really open, either.  Basically, you can get a special educational visa if you give these tourist trap places a few grand.  Then they take you on their little censored tour.  Am thinking a year or two will be fine.  Need to get there soon.  Mark my words, it will be Disney South in ten years, and have zero culture left.

 What is your favorite form of travel?

Well, that was a tie between driving and flying.  Flying is great as you get to go 700 mph with zero effort.  But, the airport and security is such a monster pain in the ass.  You lose a couple hours each way just dealing with an airport, parking, security, etc etc.

Driving is great because you come and go on your own schedule.  PLUS, you don’t need to rent a car when you get there.  PLUS, you can bring your dogs.  PLUS, you won’t get patted down for bombs like I do every fucking time I fly.  Now I have the background check thingy from the TSA.  So, maybe I’ll go back to flying.

Here is a specific example.  Let’s say I am going to Phx, AZ… which we do very often.  That is about a 14 hour drive.  Whether we fly or drive is literally a coin flip.

Our last Mexico vaca was the bomb.  Won’t tell you where it is, as it is a pretty remote island.  To get there was a 5 and half hour flight, then a 2 hour bus ride, then a 45 minute boat ride, and then on the back of an ATV to get to our beach-side cabin.  Yeah… ATV.  No cars allowed on the island.

 What is the longest vacation/holiday that you’ve ever been on?

2 weeks in SE Asia.  It was amazing.  I will go again tomorrow.  To get there, though, 20 hours of flying each way.  I wrote a bunch about it here, though.  The ‘Travel Thai-aries®

Would you travel for a living?

I want to say yes.  However, from everyone I know that travels… the romance wears off quick.  That is when you just want to be home.  And dealing with parking and security every single day would drive me nuts.  So, I guess the answer is no.


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