Ralph Thomas Dolphin Ford


If there is one thing I know more than car sales, it’s dolphin care.  Do you know what sells cars?  Dolphins!  Know what dolphins love?  Being trapped in an above ground swimming pool in the desert… in a parking lot.  Obviously that isn’t true at all, you caught me.  What dolphins love more than above ground swimming pools in desert parking lots when its 120 degrees out half the year… is selling cars.  Seriously.  Don’t believe me?  Go ahead and google it, I’ll wait right here.

Don’t know how or why I thought of this, but it was a real thing.  It was a car dealership in Phx, AZ that had a fucking dolphin in their parking lot.  It seems beyond odd, and bordering on cartoon villain evil.  Sadly, it is long since gone.  I would KILL for photos of this whole operation, but this was early or mid 80s.


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