Friday Fives – driveaway


What vehicle do you drive?

 One of two, depending on the commute.  For this purpose, we’ll reference my truck.  2007 Toyota Tundra

truck pic May 2017

 How long have you had it? 

 10 years, 175K miles

 What is the coolest feature on your vehicle?

 Being able to control the stereo with the steering wheel controls.  Even though it’s a given on every car, I still really really love that feature

 What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle?

 It’s too big.  It needs to be big to tow the horses and the Red Cross trailers.  As a daily driver, though, it’s just too damn big.  Oh, and terrible mileage.  First world problem, for sure.

 If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now?

 One of the older Tacomas’ that I had.  Like…2003.  It’s a perfect truck.  Aggressive, responsive, practical, fun.  Now, since money isn’t an issue, I amk putting a V8 in there.  Then, heated seats.  I don’t even want leather… just heated.  I would also put a subwoofer in.  I don’t know anything about watts, and I don’t want something that can shatter a glass of wine.  This truck, though, has as subwoofer and it really makes a big difference.  Does Bose make car stereos?  If they did, I would get that.  They are just amazing.  For tires?  Prolly go with the BFG mud terrains.  A lift?  No.  Here is how I want my tires.  This is exactly what I tell the guy Discount every time.  Give me the biggest tire you can safely put on there.

 How about electric?  No.  I love the idea for a commuting car to be electric, but a truck?  Weird.  No.  What about stick shift vs automatic?  Can I have both?  OOOH… I would build this ?  You know how they have dual climate control now?  Well, they have had it for a while… my 2007 has it.  I want something similar.  I want to be able to have heat at my feet and cool air at my face.  Remote start?  For sure!

Wait.  I have all this stuff in my truck now, and it’s paid off.  Why start over?  I’ll just keep that.  and a BMW convertible



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