Friday Fives – Whodunnit?


The great questions that plague mankind.  Bonus complication, only one word answers… except you may expound on one (of your choice)

Did Oswald act alone to kill President Kennedy?


Did President Trump knowingly collude with Russia for assistance with his election?


Was Tony killed in the last episode of the Sopranos?


Did OJ kill his ex wife?

super yes

Amelia Earhart – captured, or crashed?


Now, I will choose the least obvious to expound on… Amelia.  Here is the thing, she wasn’t instrument rated, she was ‘VFR’.  How the hell do you expect to cross the Earth without knowing how to read instruments?  What do you do in the dark?  She wasn’t alone, see.  She had a navigator who did stuff like measure azimuth’s of the sun’s arc to see which direction they were heading.  Also, at night, like an old timey pirate… they navigated by the stars.  Tough to do when you are in a windowless enclosed tin can.

PLUS… some new information surfaced a few years ago.  I am not talking about this photograph, as it has since been debunked.  They found some old press footage of her taking off on her last big leg.  A news team captured something no one had noticed for 60 years… something tiny breaks off the back of her plane as she is taking off.  We now know it was likely her antenna.  Being a visual flight rules person, your antenna is everything.  I know over the Western half of the US, airplanes fly by getting the AM signal of KOA radio.   At night, and only at night, AM radio waves travel thousands of miles.

So, I think they got lost over the ocean and sadly dropped into the water right around daybreak… never to be found.  See, we don’t have any good intel on her last spots.  Since her antenna was broken… we don’t think she knew where they were, either.  Let me close with this – what she did was an epic leap forward in all of aviation… and especially for women-folk.  However, not knowing how to read instruments kinda sets women stereotypes back a bit.  I mean… come on!  You are going to fly across the Earth and you don’t know how to work the dials?  That is embarrassing, and dangerous.  In that sense… we are common.  I, too, do not know how to fly by IFR (instrument flight rules)… or VFR (visual flight rules).

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