Friday Fives – waiting on Jamie G


If you had a year off (with pay, to make it interesting), what would you do with it?

Easy, travel.  Do maybe a third around America… and I want a small motorhome for the wifey and I.  yes, she gets the year off, too.  Or I ain’t doing it.

Then, a third to travel overseas.

Then, a third of the year to do absolutely nothing at home.

Please process this sooner rather than later, btw.

What are two things you would do to improve the country if you were in complete charge?

Stop taking overtime at 42%, and stop taxing unemployment benefits.  Did you know those were taxed?  It is a pot that you have been paying into on every single job you have ever worked.  Just in case, god forbid, you are unemployed and need to still pay rent and eat and stuff while you look for work.

But when you finally get those payments, the Fed takes their cut.  WTF is that?  The one time you need money… YOUR money… they want their cut.  Also, the OT thing is stupid.  Though I haven’t been hourly for many years… there is very little incentive for Americans to work OT when the govt takes nearly half.  Time and a half pay quickly becomes about half time pay.

What three TV shows do you like watching?

I assume we are talking about shows on right now, not classic?   Saturday Night Live, Modern Family, and I can’t think of a third.  I work nights, and don’t have a DVR.  So, I don’t get to watch any of it.  If I am home, and I do get all the over the air networks, it would be PBS.  Frontline is the BOMB.

What are your four favorite ethnic dishes?

Everything Mexican.  Sesame chicken, and Pho.

What are five words you love to use?

Not sure, that makes me self conscious.  It would be a better question to ask my wifey.  how about ‘i am correct maybe wrong


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