Friday Fives – potpourri


What instantly discourages you?

Seeing how Congress (both the House, and the Senate) all get re-elected at rates in the 90% era.  Yet, almost every American things Congress (correctly, btw) doesn’t do shit and they should all be fired.  Yet, we keep re-electing them.  It is SO self defeating.

If you could shoot anything (fire, pudding, etc.) from the palms of your hands at will, what would you shoot?

I think pudding would be a fine start.  Where the hell does this question come from?  It’s some kind of modern day Rorschach test.  Maybe best to keep this between you and your therapist, Roy.

 What two celebrities do you often confuse with each other?

Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pine, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Evans… there is a bunch of super hunky young actors that are somewhat interchangeable in my mind.  All good, though.

What was the stupidest thing “that kid” did at your school?

I remember some of the slower kids would stand at the urinal to do their business, but would have their pants down around their ankles as they stood.  Poor kids, probably no one showed them how it works.  Not like anyone has one at home.  You might think by seeing all the other kids, though, they would adapt.  Did I help them?  I admit I did not.  I certainly didn’t bully or mock them, either.  That benefits no one.

What are you listening to right now?

Shitty Colorado Springs radio station… the only one we can get in the office.  It is half classic rock, and half new pop garbage.  It will go Journey, then Rhianna, then Queen, then Justin Bieber.  Perhaps the older acts were the pop garbage of their day.  Maybe I am just more used to the older stuff.  But, it drives me crazy.  The older stuff I prefer not just because of the comfort of growing up with it… it is almost all guitar based.  Everything new is just made on computers, by computers…. And that is what I hear.

Well, its not the only station.  It’s the only station that isn’t a jesus station.


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