Friday Fives?

I can’t think of anything interesting to say.  So, here is a beautiful picture of my home.  I took this the day after Christmas.  I was so sick that I flew home early from seeing family in Phx.  That may not make any sense, but I got up at 4 am the day after Christmas to take an Lyft to the airport.  All I wanted to do was be in my bed.  A rather brutal 6 hours later… I finally rolled into the gates of home.  I was probably so happy I cried.  I was also so doped up on cold meds, I was likely dodging the dragons and pokemon flying about.

anyhow… Merry belated Christmas from 2016.  I went in and went to bed and didn’t really get up for about a week.

christmas ranch 2016

i just love every aspect of this picture, and what is represents in my life.  If I ever pass away… no need to put up a picture of me at the memorial.  Put this picture up.  It’s how I want to be remember, and what I want to remember.  Besides, I have already commissioned about $13,356 worth of painting of me for my service.  The money is in a trust.  It will involve ice sculptures of my likeness, and even several bonsai homages to me.  That being said, there won’t be a ton of room for any pictures not involving me.  But… please make sure to find a way to squeeze this one in.


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