Friday Fives – earworms and ticks, mostly

What’s your most recent ear worm stuck in your noggin?

The worst I had in recent memory was ‘goodbye yellow brick road’ from Elton John.  It was BAD.  It was literally in my head 24/7 for about 3 weeks.   Drove me NUTS.  At one point, it was so bad that I remember I couldn’t sleep, so I got out of bed at 4 am to listen to the song, hoping that would make it go away.

At first, the song was a curiosity.  I made NO sense to me.  But hey, Elton is a weird dude.

THEN… I remembered he doesn’t write these songs, Bernie does.  Knowing that, it opened the whole song up to me… and beautifully.  Read the lyrics now as a letter from Bernie to Elton.  It is Bernie saying “dude, this rock star thing isn’t for me.  I don’t want to live in a high rise, I don’t need to be on a jet.  I want to go home and feed my chickens.  Leave me alone”

What’s your newest favorite band/performer?

Bob Dylan.  Not new, but my favorite.  I make it a point to listen to Bob Dylan every single day.

Spotify/Pandora/Tidal/Radio – where do the tunes come from? 

Pandora.  I LOVE it.  I can prove it, too.  I actually PAY for Pandora.  Been using it for years, so my stations are perfectly curated.  See, you don’t just listen to Pandora.  No, sir.  One must be MILITANT about thumbing up and down songs.  I did that like every song for about a year… now I haven’t had to touch it in months.

Now… I do not doubt there might be better services out there.  Thing is, I have spent years with Pandora, so I love it.  I am very comfortable with the interface.  Plus, I have my top stations seriously thumbed up/down to feed me EXACTLY what I want.

Do you have a favorite live performance found on the You Tubes?

Yeah, Mike Masse.  Dig this cover.  Then, did now many hits he has. He literally has more hits than the original.  Oh, and he is fairly recently a Denver citizen.  So, if you live in Denver, he is gigging all around

Also, for those of you reading in Phx, AZ… he is coming there!  He is playing Tempe in early March.

Have you ever written a song?

Yes, many.  I am a life long guitarist.  you want a link?  uh uh.  You gotta come camping with me.


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