Friday Fives are flying by

Where did you go the last time you took an airplane ride? 

Probably San Diego.  Wifey travels there a lot for business.  It is where their HQ is.  So, when she has a long stand there, I’ll fly out for a weekend.  We already have the rental car and hotel room paid for… why not?  Note, this is a WONDERFUL upgrade from before.  The last BIG out of state HQ we had was when I worked at Sprint for 20 years.  Our HQ was (and it still is, I am not just with Sprint anymore) in Kansas.  Not exactly a romantic weekend getaway.  In fact, I have managed my entire 46 years on earth having never stepped foot in Kansas.  Never even driven through it.

Travel bonus – I now have the PRE thingy.  This means I am pretty much an air marshall.  I wrote up a great piece on this, but can’t find it.  Just assume it was hilarious.

Are you a nervous flyer or a comfortable flyer?

I LOVE to fly.  Like everyone, I hate the TSA bs.  But, now that I am ‘pre’, I have a special quick security line and I don’t have to take off shoes and belts and such.  It’s a small thing, but makes a difference.

Window seat or aisle seat?

Window seat always.  I want to watch the world go by. It’s awesome!

What is the worst experience you’ve had flying?

Flying to Florida about ten years ago.  Had the worst turbulence EVER.  Whole plane was shaking.  It was right out of a movie.  The oxygen thingies dropped, people were crying, and at that moment, I made piece with death.  I was aware it was about 50/50.  I thought ‘you know, I have had a great life. I am headed to vacation with my wife and good friends.  If I go, it will be pretty quick, and not much I can do about it.”

Obviously, things turned out ok. This is the part when I tell you my life changed that day.  That I stopped smoking and quit my miserable job and finally struck out in the world to make my mark.  Yeah… that didn’t exactly happen, either.  It was a really great vacation, though.  We got to go to the Burt Reynolds’ museum in Jupiter.  Plus, I lived.  The tough thing about that experience, the turbulence was LONG.  We were shaking and waiting to die for at least 20 minutes, but felt like lifetimes.  Its no Bueno when you look outside and see the wings flexing.  Normally, the pilot comes over the air and says calming things.  This guy didn’t for a good 15 minutes.  I realized he was a little too busy flying.

Ok, a little more about that story.  We were flying to a connection somewhere, not to FL directly.  Our connection was tight, like half an hour.  Our flight arrived 45 minutes later, because dude had to go up and around and out of that storm. In order to live, it’s possible we flew in the wrong direction for an hour.  Point being, we assumed we would miss our connection.  BUT WE DIDN’T.  how come?  This shit is crazy.  Our pilot for the connecting flight, was our pilot for THIS flight.  So, he too was 45 minutes late.  My wifey overheard the pilot talking to a stewardess after the flight.  Said it was the second world flight he had ever had.  And he was gray in hair… had probably done thousands.  Maybe it was Sully!

What is the best experience you’ve had flying?

Almost all of my flying experiences have been terrific.  One thing that pops to mind is when flying to Mexico on a charter flight.  Once we got to altitude, the booze flowed.  This was a charter flight for a vaca company.  So, everyone on that flight was specifically going to this resort.  And the rules in Mexico… well… there aren’t any.  They were free pouring booze.  No tiny little airline bottles.  No sir, you just held up your cup as they came by.  It was epic!

*** I know I use that photo up top a lot.  I know it’s fake.  I don’t care.  it is hilarious.  I can’t get enough of it.  Reminds me of this pic.  I just love these pictures.

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