Fives – with God on our side

 What is the worst state in the United States and why?

I kinda hate to throw my home state under the bus… but there is a reason I am gone.  Arizona.  Quick brush strokes on my disdain… the hopeless right wing nature of the state.  Why hopeless?  Well, it is ok to be right wing if it works for you, but it does not for AZ.  Teachers are paid the worst/lowest, which is unacceptable to me.  Though their republican governors get arrested and indicted, they keep getting re-elected.  When my arch enemy Fife Symington ran for re-election (back in early 90s)… he was under 23 indictments for every money mess you can think of.  Timeline… he gets this indictments, and the general election is shortly after.  We are post indictment, but pre-trial when the election come around.  He is re-elected.

Spoiler alert, a year later he was convicted and had to step down.  Bonus, he knew the indictments were coming, he moved all his assets to his wife’s name… so they could be protected.  It’s brilliant, actually.  I never said he was dumb.  I said he was evil and corrupt, and the people of AZ knew that and re-elected him anyway.

You can see, the venom I had for him (still have?) matches my hatred of misogyny and apathy and Ticketmaster combined.  I was at a state university during his reign, and I watched him strip the state of all school funds, and the impact it had.  STILL has.  That is probably why he kept getting re-elected.

Also… the heat.

What is the best state? 

To visit, or to live?  Here are my top two cities (not states.  I think in cities, not states) and I think I would live in either in a heartbeat if I could.  Seattle and San Francisco.  I have been around the world a bit, and those are two world class cities.

 What state is your favorite to visit? 

Probably California, as it has the most to offer.  Beaches, and San Diego, and Santa Barbara and San Francisco.  I should also mention this.  I doubt any state in the US has more natural beauty than Utah.

What state have you never been to? 

Several, of course.  Most notably Kansas.  It is notable as I have lived Kansas adjacent for 21 years and never stepped foot in there.  I intend to keep that as long as possible.  Keep in mind, this is a state FAR right of AZ.  This state genuinely believes natural disasters (like the tornadoes and climate change induced crop blight) is caused by gays.

What state(s) could be eliminated and no one would notice?

Can we just talk about my liberal fantasies?  Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi.  All racist and anti science and anti progress and anti gay and safe to assume wildly misogynist.  Though, I think Texas officially wins the misogyny title with their abortion laws… where a gal has to drive 6 to 8 hours to get an abortion.   What if she is poor, and under-employed and can’t just take a few days off to disappear.  What if she doesn’t have a car that could safely go that far?  Are you going to say ‘well, then she shouldn’t have having sex!’… you have to make it that way for men, too.

unnecessary side rant (big surprise.   I welcome your comments and feedback below, though)

It’s ok to be ‘conservative’.  You don’t think the Govt is the solution to everything, and you feel you deserve to keep more money that you work for.  I fully get that.  The thing is, it doesn’t even manifests that way.  Of course, I also fully get that my liberal values don’t always manifest in a practical way.  In fact, everyone hates liberals now because we bitch about EVERYTHING with intense outrage.  We are as upset with the state of our democracy in an exactly equal manner as we were upset that someone shot a lion.  A dead lion is sad, but not as sad as systematic destruction of an historic democracy through allowing Russia to have their way with every level of our government.  Dylan has a great song about this… how quick we are ready to make good with people who were arch enemies a decade ago.  Of course, too much of this comes from the military and weapons.   How did we know Iraq had Sarin?  Because Dick Cheney sold it to them 20 years before when we were backing Iraq against Iran.  Same thing with Afghanistan.  We knew how incredibly tough and well trained the Taliban were there because we were the ones who trained them.  This was 20 years before when we were backing Afghanistan against Russia.

Really, read these lyrics. There is a reason this guy is the only musician to win the most prestigious literary prize


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